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Love in Action in the Time of Coronavirus

It’s hard to believe that an animal-borne disease from the other side of the world has, over the course of four months, spread to more than 200,000 people in 156 countries across the globe. For those of us in the…

The 7 Deadly Summer Dangers

This year, people living on the margins face a growing number of dangers. They live in places where disease, violence and persecution are a way of life. Here are seven deadly dangers to watch for during the summer of 2019.

A Critical Time for Mozambique

Two weeks after Cyclone Idai smashed through Mozambique, causing extensive flooding, the true scale of the disaster is now emerging

Monsoon Season Arrives in Bangladesh

When heavy rains wash over the hillsides, the earth will slip forward, destroying shelters, consuming the residents, and flooding the valleys below…

Preventing Another Epidemic for the People of Liberia

Her own survival seems miraculous. But what’s to prevent another Ebola epidemic from occurring in her community? Find out.

She Went to the Market and Landed in a Cholera Clinic

  Helene’s trip to the market started uneventfully. But as she shopped for produce in the open-air bazaar, she started feeling ill. First came stomach cramps, then vomiting. By the time Helene reached her home, she was too weak to…

The Effects of the Ebola Outbreak Linger in Liberia

Early in the days of the Ebola crisis in Liberia, there was little education on how to stop the spread of the disease. So when 17-year-old Assatu’s mother and 6-year-old sister became sick with Ebola, naturally she cared for them at…

Everyday Heroes Within the Team in Liberia

Medical Teams International recently received the following essay from Andrew Hoskins, who is MTI’s country director for Liberia. Since the Ebola epidemic exploded over the summer, fast becoming the most urgent international health risk since AIDS, medical volunteers and staff in…