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Success Story: From Fear & Pain to Smiles

by Katie Carroll | Mar 12, 2014

We are excited to share with you a story of how your generous donations helped heal a local boy in need!

A young boy, about eight years old, recently stepped onto the Mobile Dental Clinic van at a local elementary school, clinging tightly to the hand of his school nurse. He was scared, in pain, and refusing treatment. After gentle coaxing and a few calls home to mom, our friendly volunteers helped him back to the exam room. With a mirror in his tiny hand so he could see and understand everything they would be doing to help him, the volunteer doctors got to work. Quickly, they found the source of his discomfort and began to treat painful cavity that had been giving him trouble for quite some time. One by one, the doctors described each instrument and piece of equipment they would need to help make his pain go away. The detailed explanation, humor and personal touches eased the little boy's fears. By the end of the procedure, he was smiling and proudly showing his shiny new crown to the other waiting children.

Thank you for supporting our mobile dental programs.  Because of you, last year our volunteers provided dental care to over 4 thousand children just like this. You are making a huge impact in your community!

Story by Krystal Foote

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