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If you apply during a humanitarian emergency:

You will likely have to wait until the next emergency to be on a humanitarian response team. The humanitarian response volunteer screening process will take at minimum of two weeks.

International Experience Required

Please note that it is important that humanitarian response volunteers have previous field experience in developing nations. This experience is necessary for ensuring the quality and efficiency of our response to emergencies.

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Disaster Relief

Urgent need for Medical Volunteers to serve Rohingya refugees

Medical Teams International is seeking volunteers who meet these special requirements:

  • Currently licensed medical care provider - including RN's, MD's, and others.
  • Has international and/or disaster response experience.
  • Able to serve several consecutive weeks, preferably FOUR weeks.
  • Can deploy immediately.
If you meet these qualifications, please apply now or contact us at volunteer@medicalteams.org.

Medical Teams International’s Humanitarian Response activities are designed to provide rapid and coordinated response to the most vulnerable populations during and after an emergency.

Medical and non-medical professionals can volunteer with our Humanitarian Response program. We need prepared volunteers on our Response Roster before a disaster--natural or man-made--strikes.

During an emergency, we rapidly deploy teams to support communities affected by disaster. As such, recruitment activities must be completed before a disaster occurs to qualify for deployment. Using our roster helps us be one of the first organizations on the scene, providing immediate care.

Submit your application materials now, so you can be ready to deploy with Medical Teams International when the next disaster strikes!

Humanitarian Response Volunteer Roster Requirements:


  • Able to leave within 24-48 hours notice
  • Participation & completion of Hostile Environment Awareness Training & Humanitarian Principals (HEAT+) Course
  • Previous developing-nations medical experience
  • Physically fit (hiking or lifting; extreme temperatures)
  • Able to work and live with limited amenities (without power, with shared accommodations/tents, eating very basic food, using rudimentary bathroom facilities)
  • Able to work long hours in unpredictable and unstable conditions
  • Flexibility; able to work as part of a team
  • Current passport & medical license/certification
  • Current immunizations (including Hepatitis A & B, yellow fever, typhoid)
  • Available for 2-5 weeks at a time (additional time commitments warmly welcomed)

Highest priority is given to those who have:

  • Prior experience with Medical Teams International or other international organizations.
  • Previous humanitarian response experience.
  • ER, trauma, family and general practice or pediatrics experience.
  • ICU or CCU experience.
MTI volunteers providing urgently-needed care to Syrian refugees in Lebanon

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