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Charity Navigator America's largest and most-recognized charity evaluator, has awarded MTI four stars - its highest ranking - for our efficient and effective use of funds.

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We have compiled these resources for our staff, volunteers and colleagues from other NGOs. Please feel free to explore and use the materials located in this online library. However, we ask that you credit Medical Teams or the appropriate organization when you do use them.

In the library you will find a variety of resources developed by Medical Teams International staff. One example is a textbook for first responders training as used by our Emergency Medical Services program around the world. This textbook has been translated and made culturally relevant and is the only such resource for several countries. Other examples include an online course in Training Skills based on the Principles of Adult Learning, and a Monitoring and Evaluation Manual. Also, our staff specialists provided ideas on the most highly recommended resources in their areas of focus and in these pages you will find their suggested documents or web links.

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