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Mobile Dental Success Story: Jacqueline

by User Not Found | May 23, 2014

Right here at home in the U.S., many retired adults living on social security cannot afford dental insurance or dental care. They live in debilitating pain and the teeth problems progress to more serious health conditions.

Recently, thanks to your generosity, one of our mobile dental vans was able to provide care to one such local woman. Jacqueline had been living with severe pain caused by her dental issues - issues that caused her to be anemic. Hour-after-hour, day-after-day, the pain left her in agony. Because of you, Jacqueline received the urgent treatment she needed to save her health as well as her livelihood.

Jacqueline is so grateful for your support of our mobile dental programs. She wanted us to share her letter of gratitude with you. THANK YOU!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all for your services.

I am a seventy four year old female living on social security.  With my income I could not afford dental insurance.  I had been living for months with four teeth and several broken stumps.  The pain was horrible 24x7 and sleep patterns were disrupted so I was a mess.  I spoke to my doctor when my blood counts got so few that I became anemic severely!  She gave me your phone number.  I received an appointment four days later and your team...saw me at nine A.M.  They worked their tails off because this task was not easy.

All the teeth and stubs were taken out.  Lovely, Compassionate people who were sooo professional.  They were Kind, Concerned and totally wonderful.  They explained what to expect, what to do and asked me if I had any questions!

I had NO PAIN - the bleeding stopped before I got home.  I slept all night without pain - a first in a long time!  Today I feel Wonderful - ate some soup and Jello and am a Happy person.

Again, thank all of you!!!