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Partner Highlight: Bridgetown

by Katie Carroll | Feb 13, 2014

Bridgetown Inc. is a Portland-based organization serving the homeless and marginalized in downtown Portland, Oregon through a weekly outreach program, Night Strike. Recently, Bridgetown Inc. recognized the dramatic need to offer free and accessible dental care in addition to the medical care they were already providing.

Dr. Angell, a volunteer with both Night Strike and MTI’s Mobile Dental Program, heard about the need and suggested a partnership between the two organizations. During the first Mobile Dental Clinic in December 2013,

Dr. Angell performed extractions and fillings for about nine patients in just two hours. Night Strike guests, who on average range between 35-40 years old, were thrilled to be given the opportunity to receive excellent dental care. With the success of the first Mobile Dental Clinic, Bridgetown Inc. has nearly doubled the hours of our next scheduled visit and is hoping to see at least 15 new patients!

Bridgetown Inc.’s Founder, Lesley Schneider, shared that the partnership received an overwhelming positive response from both Bridgetown staff and the served population.

“We think it’s going to have an enormous impact on the overall health of our guests,” said Schneider.

Story by Krystal Foote

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