(PORTLAND, OR) March 8, 2022 – Today, Medical Teams International celebrates women around the world – their resilience, accomplishments, and love for their families and communities. As a global health and humanitarian organization providing life-saving medical care in places of conflict and disaster, Medical Teams encounters women in crisis on a regular basis. Our goal is to empower them and their communities to achieve and maintain health within often dire circumstances.

Mothers living in such conditions often give birth alone and without basic medical supplies. Women everywhere need access to health care throughout their pregnancy, as well as during and after birth. Medical Teams helps ensure that pregnant women receive prenatal care and can give birth in a clinic with the help of a skilled birth attendant. If a complication arises, Medical Teams helps pregnant women access emergency C-sections. Once their babies are born, we provide vaccines and nutritional support, as well as treatment of diseases.

In refugee settlements where Medical Teams works, Community Health Workers (CHWs) are the main line of defense against infectious diseases. These trained volunteers, many of whom are caring mothers helping other mothers, visit homes and check on their neighbors to ensure they’re taking preventative measures. They provide education on proper health and hygiene practices, and they make sure that children get access to the health care they need.

“On this special day for the world’s women, Medical Teams honors our female staff, CHWs, and those we serve,” said Martha Newsome, President & CEO of Medical Teams International. “We recognize the strength, wisdom and often untapped potential of the women of all ages we strive to empower. We vow to continue to recognize these talented, resourceful women who enrich and help maximize our work daily.”

About Medical Teams International

Founded in 1979, Medical Teams International provides life-saving medical care for people in crisis, such as survivors of natural disasters and refugees. We care for the whole person— physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Daring to love like Jesus, we serve all people—regardless of religion, nationality, sex or race. Learn more at medicalteams.org and on social media using @medicalteams.

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