(Portland, OR) December 7, 2023 – Medical Teams International, a global health and humanitarian relief organization, is pleased to announce that it has named Duncan Fleck as Country Director for Ukraine.

Duncan’s professional experience is broad geographically and deep programmatically. He brings 11 years of experience leading country programs and coordinating humanitarian projects in complex contexts. Passionate about working with integrity, he possesses both the “big picture” perspective and hands-on knowledge needed to lead and empower his teams.

For 7 years, Duncan worked in a variety of roles with increasing responsibility for Medair, a Christian humanitarian organization. He served as country director in Haiti and in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He also coordinated Medair projects in Jordan and Afghanistan. Prior to Medair, Duncan worked for Tearfund in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghan Support Education and Training in Afghanistan, and the National Health Service in London.

Duncan also brings business experience, most recently as project manager with Gecko in the UK, where he lead the expansion of an emissions-focused, energy-smart, home-greening startup. He also co-founded and operated a craft brewing collective. Duncan holds a Master of International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Victoria University, Wellington.

“We are thrilled to have Duncan leading Medical Teams in Ukraine,” said Martha Newsome, Medical Teams President & CEO. “In our nearly two years of providing humanitarian assistance in Ukraine in collaboration with partner organizations, needs have changed and grown. We are pleased to have been able to expand so that we can provide critically needed medical care to more families and individuals enduring this ongoing conflict.”

Medical Teams has 4 offices and works in more than 20 villages across 3 regions in Ukraine. Our response has been led by people already working in Ukraine to improve the health of their neighbors. Our mobile medical units travel to remote areas to provide direct healthcare to people affected by the war with Russia. Staff and volunteers trained in psychological first aid watch for signs of psychological distress in all their patients, and they facilitate individual and group sessions to improve mental health and provide psychosocial support.

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