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People in crisis are sick and dying. They need your help. When you become a Response Partner, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to hurting people every day of the year. Your loyal support ensures a steady stream of funding so not a minute is lost during a crisis. Every dollar you give helps heal the lives of people in crisis. It takes so little to do so much. Just $25 can heal one person.

That means for less than $1 a day, you can heal 12 people in a year.

Your support means girls like Kentia – a girl near death from severe malaria – recover and go home to their families.

Your support means when a storm like Cyclone Idai strikes, our staff and partners are on the ground within days to help survivors.

Your support means local veterans – people who put their lives on the line – receive the compassionate care they deserve.

These are just three examples of the lasting change you can make through monthly giving. Join our passionate community of Response Partners changing lives all year round.

Give a Monthly Gift


Why become a Response Partner with a monthly gift to Medical Teams International?

1. See the results of your gift. You’ll connect with the people you’re helping through stories and photos of the work being done.

2. Monthly giving is easy and secure. Sign up once and your monthly gift will continually reach people who need it most.

3. Help plan for the future. By signing up to give monthly you can increase stability for people living in unstable environments. Your recurring gift helps provide more monthly budgeting for clinics around the world.


“It says in the Bible to be generous with our money. It wouldn’t be right not to help. Everything we have is the Lord’s. And he blesses us when we are generous.”

Norene Finkbeiner, Response Partner for 8 years.


“We so deeply appreciate the work Medical Teams does on others behalf. You are very faithful stewards of our giving and we really appreciate that about Medical Teams.”

Jeff and Barbara Brutscher-Leisman, Response Partner for 7 years.


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