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Rohingya Spotlight: The Journey Continues

Two weeks ago, Bangladesh deemed it safe for Rohingya refugees to return to their homes in Myanmar. Rohingya families were skeptical. Having escaped what the United Nations describes as systemic abuse and violence, these families — now occupying camps in…

Taking a Deep Breath in Bangladesh

For many refugees fleeing Bangladesh, their suffering doesn’t end with the arduous journey to the camp.

How Amina Escaped the Slaughter

Anima’s voice shook as she began to cry, “I remember seeing those 18 men dead, and all I wanted to do was leave.” Read one Rohingya refugee family’s account of fleeing their homeland.

Brave Women of the Rohingya Refugee Camps

They told us their story of leaving Myanmar and their new life in Bangladesh. For two hours I listened to all they endured and all they overcame.

You Matter

She ran from her burning village in Myanmar, carrying her only son…

Two Rohingya Women Find Strength in Kindness

“I grabbed my children and ran. There were so many gunshots. I was so afraid… my husband ran next to me.” She pauses with tears filling her eyes. “So many were hit. It was torture.”

Medical Teams President Meets Rohingya Refugees

At our clinic I met a young Rohingya woman named Fatima. Her face was covered with a heavy black niqab, revealing only her eyes. I watched intently as she spoke of her painful exodus from Myanmar nearly six months ago…

Hope Renewed for Community Health Worker Yasmin

Unlike the hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who recently crossed the border, Yasmin has spent her entire life in a refugee camp in Bangladesh…

A Nurse’s Perspective on the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

I had heard our team leader described this camp as the worst he’d ever seen, so I steeled myself for chaos and despair…

“God Help Them”– Harrowing Stories from Bangladesh

Theresa Wood, a Medical Teams nurse, has spent nearly three weeks in Bangladesh helping the refugees. Here she shares some of the difficult stories she’s heard…