Module IV: Logistics, health and safety

Medical Teams International volunteers have many questions when preparing for their departure. This module will answer most basic questions and provide information on whom within the organization to contact for information or assistance in various circumstances.

Medical Teams International takes very seriously the matter of preparing volunteers to protect their health and personal safety while abroad. This module covers basic health and safety information needed by volunteers as well as providing links to other organizations who can offer even more in-depth information and assistance.

Our volunteers have many valuable experiences during their tour of service. Those include not just unique professional experiences but personal ones as well. Working overseas, even for a short time, can be life-changing for many people. It can broaden perspective and deepen understanding on many issues. This in turn can lead to new attitudes, activities and involvements back home. This module will give volunteers ideas about preparing to make the most of their experience before, during and after the team trip.


After completing this module, you will be aware of:

  • The primary contact persons at headquarters and in the field
  • The top Web sites for finding up-to-date country-specific information (safety and health)
  • The visa requirements and entry procedures for your assigned country
  • The common ailments foreigners experience for your assigned country or region
  • General practices that can help insure good health when traveling abroad
  • General practices that can help insure personal safety when traveling abroad
  • Basic information about what to do in an emergency in your assigned country
  • Some of the common issues and challenges faced during re-entry
  • Specific strategies for dealing with re-entry issues
  • Different strategies for sharing your story back home
  • Ways to continue your involvement with Medical Teams International
In this section, you'll be asked to:
  • Read several items of information
  • Search for and evaluate information on the web
  • Respond to questions and share your responses
  • Reflect on various issues
  • Watch two short videos
  • Assess your learning