Introducing you to volunteer teams

Role and Expectations of Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of Medical Teams International's identity. Because you volunteer your valuable skills, time and resources, you make it possible for us to build capacity in the health care systems of countries that face severe challenges because of disasters, conflict or poverty.

Although we are best known in the media for our disaster response, the majority of our teams provide training and/or contribute to long-term development work on 1- to 4-week trips (and some longer). This means your work may have a lasting impact on the people we serve.

Volunteering your skills and knowledge helps us keep our overhead low. This means that because of you, Medical Teams International is able to contribute more to our partners and beneficiaries. We greatly value your contribution and commitment. Our staff is committed to giving you the most appropriate placement and preparing you for your service on our team.

Types of Volunteer Teams

  • In order to fulfill our mission, we send many different types of volunteer teams overseas, including: Surgical teams - cataract, plastics, speciality surgical training  
  • Medical teams - medical staff training and services in specialty areas such as pediatrics, OB/GYN and primary care 
  • Dental teams - services and hygiene training ◦Community health teams - nurse midwife and traditional birth attendant training  
  • Construction/work project teams - latrine building, laying concrete floors, renovating orphanages and clinics  
  • Emergency Medical Services teams - providing first responder, first aid, advanced EMS training
  • Rehabilitation therapy teams - PT, OT for special needs children, rehab therapy for burn victims
  • Disaster response - primary health care services to disaster and conflict-affected populations 

Thank you for your willingness to help us bring hope and healing to people around the world!