Please pray for those we serve, asking God to improve their health and to transform their hearts with His love.

Join Our Prayer Team

At Medical Teams International, we work in difficult places, where people are suffering and danger is real. As a non-denominational Christian organization, we value prayer as a way to acknowledge our need for God’s blessing on all of our efforts.

We pray for those we serve, for our volunteer teams, and for partners working in the field.

Current Prayer Requests

South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

Please pray for protection, healing and comfort for the thousands of South Sudanese refugees seeking safer lives in Uganda. Pray that our staff will have the resources they need to give care to the infants, mothers and families in desperate need. Pray that no child will go without food, shelter or medicine. Pray that those inflicting violence in South Sudan will be called to peace.

Syrian Refugees

Please pray for the Syrian refugee families who have lost everything. Pray for emotional healing and support for those who feel trapped. Pray that children will have the medicine and care they need to stay healthy. Pray that pregnant mothers and those with infants will have the supplies they need to keep their babies safe. Pray that all-- especially the elderly and children-- will be able to endure the difficult conditions.

Teams Departing this Week

Please pray for each team's safety and health and for God's love to reach out through their acts of service and compassion.

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.
1 John 3:18


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