The gifts you choose will be sent wrapped in prayers; for the health and healing of the person you are helping.

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Where It's Most Needed 

Where Most Needed

Your gift to Where Most Needed fund means your gift is used to respond to the most pressing needs. Your gift might be used for disaster relief or to help a vital but under-funded project.

Suggested Gift $30



Lifesaving Medicines

Possibly the most powerful gift you can give; $1 ships $83 worth of lifesaving medicines and medical supplies, like syringes & antibiotics.

$60 sends $5,000 worth!


 Dental Services

Dental Services

You can provide dental services like filling cavities for a child or adult - right here in the U.S. - who cannot afford or access dental care on their own.



Emergency Medical Services

You can help provide "911" emergency response in Cambodia and help save the life of a traumatically injured person for just $30!


 Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Your gift helps mobilize urgently needed medical care to people affected by disaster and conflict in places like Syria and Uganda. Your gift will help save lives.



 Build One Latrine

Build One Latrine

Just a single latrine reduces sickness, particularly in children. By keeping the water supply safe, you'll ensure kids stay healthy and can go to school.


average cost



Ventilated Cooking Stove

By replacing a traditional stove in Guatemala with a ventilated cooking stove, you can help save lives! 1 in 5 Guatemalan children die from respiratory disease. Clear the air for one family to reduce illness and death.


 Help a Malnourished Child

Help a Malnourished Child

Your gift provides education, access to care, and support to help malnourished children thrive. It's amazing that it costs just $39 to help a child grow strong and health!


Help a Person with Disabilities 

Help a Person with Disabilities

Just $50 provides a person with disabilities in Haiti with physical rehabilitation, orthotics, prosthetics and whatever help they need to live independently.


 Save Mothers

Save a Mother & Her Child

Too many women and their babies in places like Cambodia and Liberia die during pregnancy or childbirth. Your gift of $16 provides 1 woman and her child with better access to prenatal care, improved emergency transportation services, and training for birth attendants.