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The gifts you choose will be sent wrapped in prayers for the health and healing of the person you are helping.

Help a Malnourished Child

Protect a Child from Malaria

Save Mothers & Their Child

Help a Malnourished Child Your gift provides education, access to care, and support to help malnourished children thrive. It's amazing that it costs just $39 to help a child grow strong and health! insect-shield-blanket-mti Just $30 sends an Insect Shield blanket to protect a mother or child from malaria-carrying insects in places like Uganda, plus provides funding to our Maternal & Child Health programs. Save Mothers Too many women and their babies in places like Cambodia and Liberia die during pregnancy or childbirth. Your gift provides at least 10 mothers & their children with better access to prenatal care, improved emergency transportation services, and training for birth attendants.




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