Emergency Medical Care Textbooks

Medical Teams International is the leading non-profit provider of EMC training around the world.

The Emergency Medical Pre-Hospital Care Worker International Basic Level Text and Emergency First Responder Text were written following the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s guidelines for the Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Level and First Responder Curriculum. It is designed for caregivers of all levels to gain an understanding of basic prehospital emergency medical care.

This text is to only serve as a guideline for the delivery of care and the actual delivery of care should be under the guidance of a physician medical director.

Medical Teams International encourages others to copy, reproduce or adapt to meet local needs any or all parts of this book, including the illustrations, provided that the parts reproduced are distributed free or at cost – not for profit.

Doctors, lawyers, paramedics and public health specialists from around the world contributed more than 5,000 volunteer hours to write and translate the text that will improve the quality of prehospital emergency medical care in developing countries.

The first universal EMS textbooks

“We want these textbooks to reach as many hands as possible.”
(Senior EMS Advisor, Medical Teams International)

Prehospital first responder textbooks in the United States rely on acronyms like “ABC” (Airway, Breathing and Circulation) to communicate. Unfortunately, acronyms don’t always translate into other languages. That's why we gathered experts from several countries to help us write a 480-page resource for that can be easily translated into any language and used in any country.

More than 50 people from around the world worked together to develop a culturally contextualized EMS textbooks that can be translated and used in any country.

Pre-hospital First Responder textbooks in the United States rely on acronyms like “ABC” (Airway, Breathing and Circulation) to communicate. Unfortunately, acronyms don’t always translate into other languages. Prehospital volunteers from multiple countries wrote a 480-page resource for the Basic Caregiver Level of prehospital care provider that can be translated for use around the world. The handbook uses internationally recognized EMS standards at the Basic level and is designed for those with an elementary school reading level.

In 2008 Medical Teams International released its second text – Emergency First Responder. This is a 203 page text that follows the internationally recognized standards for the First Responder.

Medical Teams International covers all translation costs—averaging $6,000 per language.

In addition to our volunteer teams using them for training, governmental ministries and our in-country partners also print copies to continue the training.

“We wanted these textbooks to be in as many hands as possible for as low a cost as possible,” says Paul Bollinger, senior EMS advisor at Medical Teams International. And so the copyright stipulates that the texts must be provided at no charge to students, but partners may charge for printing costs.

The Basic Caregiver EMS training manual is currently translated into Russian, Uzbek, Tamil, Sinhalese, Vietnamese, Moldovan, Khmer and English, and is in use in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Vietnam, Moldova, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. The First Responder book is currently being considered for use in Cambodia and Vietnam. It was also adapted for use in Bangladesh by the World Health Organization.

Available in ten languages

Some of our textbooks are currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Khmer
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Sinhalese
  • Tamil
  • Tajik
  • Uzbek
  • Vietnamese
Please e-mail us if you would like more information about our EMS textbook.

Any organization or person who wishes to copy, reproduce or adapt any or all parts of this book for commercial purposes must obtain written permission from Medical Teams International.

Before beginning any translation or adaptation of this book or its contents, please contact us for suggestions about adapting the information in the book, updates on the information provided, and to avoid the duplication of efforts. Medical Teams International requires the receipt of both a hard copy and an electronic copy of any translation or materials in which text or illustrations from this book have been used.