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Cambodia Success Story: EMS & Medical Supplies

by Katie Carroll | Apr 02, 2014

In the aftermath of a traffic accident, first aid can mean the difference between life and death. But in poorer countries, many frontline services lack basic medicines and supplies.

Mr. Vorng Sokveng is an ambulance staff member at Chamkar Leu hospital in Cambodia and had participated in the EMT-Basic Training that MTI conducted.  Sokveng was very glad for your support when police called his ambulance to the scene of a double motorcycle crash. Sokveng relied on both emergency training and medical equipment provided by gifts like yours. 

Sokveng drove the ambulance with his assistant and arrived quickly to the scene. There, he assessed that one patient had severe facial injuries and the other had a minor injury. Working efficiently, Sokveng helped stabilize the spine of the severely injured patient, fitting a cervical collar and helping him onto a backboard - both supplied by your donations to MTI!  Vorng was also grateful for the gloves that he received from MTI, so that he can perform his work with little fear of being infected.  

Training provided through gifts like yours helped Vorng not only offer expert treatment, but carefully contain the gathering crowd, clearing the space he needed to provide urgent care. 

Emergency Medical Services Training in Cambodia

Thank you for your support of both our EMS program and our medical supplies program. Your gifts are truly making a difference - every $1 provides an astounding $83 worth of medical supplies that can save lives!

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