Healthy Women, Healthy World Luncheon – Virtual Event

September 30, 2020
Virtual Event

Join us online for the annual Healthy Women, Healthy World luncheon

You will learn how you can care for women and children around the world in this new reality we are living in today.

COVID-19 has brought many challenges to all of us, but it has also offered the opportunity to broaden our communities and interact all across the globe. We will introduce you to our keynote speaker, Karisa Keasey, our longtime friend and champion, Sharon Tissell, and a few of our international staff. We also want to share updates from our President and CEO, Martha Holley Newsome, about how the support of people like you has helped us to pivot to respond to the global pandemic.

Karisa Keasey Keynote Speaker: Karisa Keasey

Award-winning artist, Karisa Keasey has been using her paintings to promote social justice and amplify the voices of some of the most marginalized people in the world for over six years. She is particularly passionate about successful refugee resettlement, and women’s rights. Recently she came out with her book “When You Can’t Go Home”, following the lives of 10 refugees aside 30 of her watercolor portraits.



Humanitarian Woman of the Year Award Recipient: Sharon Tissell 

Sharon Tissell Adjumani


Healthy Women, Healthy World

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