We are excited to announce that Martha Newsome has been appointed the new President and CEO of Medical Teams International! Martha will join the team on September 1st, 2016 as Medical Teams’ fourth president.

A BIT ABOUT MARTHA NEWSOME… Martha’s passion has taken her from the front line realities in the field of local community health – where her heart and passion remain – to senior leadership roles where she brings an incredible ability to strategize and execute life-changing initiatives.

Martha has spent the last 30 years addressing international health needs including her current position leading World Vision International’s Global Sustainable Health team which includes their global programs in food, health and nutrition, and water, sanitation, and hygiene and represents global teams of over 3000 employees. We are confident she will lead our organization to have an even greater impact on the lives of people around the world in great need.

“The mission of Medical Teams International resonates with my own lifelong sense of personal calling to bring healing and wholeness to a hurting world. I am eager to join the staff, board, and you in this important mission and to lead Medical Teams forward in the vision, direction, and expanded role that God has planned for this incredible organization!”
-Martha Newsome

FROM MARK DODSON, BOARD CHAIR OF MEDICAL TEAMS INTERNATIONAL “We are thrilled to have Martha as our next CEO. Martha has a wonderful, joyful spirit rooted in her sincere faith. She has dedicated her life to serving the health needs of others, and has become an authoritative global leader in sustainable health solutions. We are blessed to have her join us.”

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