On April 25th, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal– affecting more than five million people. Thousands of families lost their homes, and more than 30,000 were left dead or injured.

It’s now been one year since the disaster. How did your support help save lives during the disaster, and what are we doing now to make the country safer? Find out.

• 5,233 hygiene kits distributed to pregnant, lactating women, families with children under five years old, and other at-risk families
• 20 distribution centers established
• 51 Community Health Volunteers trained in five communities
• 6,765 community members trained at 21 hygiene education sessions

It’s now been a year… what’s changed since then?

The earthquake left more than 700 health facilities completely or partially destroyed, and many safe water sources were lost. This left thousands vulnerable- pregnant women with little to no access to medical care, children unable to properly wash their hands after going to the bathroom, and families with no safe access to clean water.Together, these can spell major disaster for months or years after the initial quake.

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to do more than just react to the immediate disaster- helping thousands who were left vulnerable. We’ve worked hard over the past year to improve the health system- focusing on protecting the children and mothers who were at greatest risk. Your support has helped local facilities, clinics and communities provide better care, creating more safe, reliable places for mothers and their children to receive care. You provided hygiene kits to “at-risk” people, including nursing or pregnant mothers, children, at-risk families. Your support is still on the ground, implementing a better healthcare system that will help so many.

Meet Badu, 82-year old earthquake survivor

Badu is one woman who was injured in the quake. She’d lived in her rural home for most of her life. An 82-year old subsistence farmer, she was hit by a falling piece of rubble from a nearby building before she could reach safety. Thankfully, your support had sent a volunteer to the remote health clinic near Badu’s home– here, our volunteer wrapped and splinted her broken foot, allowing her to heal safely and avoid further injury.

Badu, a 82-year-old earthquake survivor in Nepal

“You could hear them moaning from underneath the mud.”

Her entire village was destroyed in the earthquake, and at least seven people were killed. One of her neighbors said, “You could hear them moaning from underneath the mud, ‘help us, help us.'” Although Badu’s foot was broken by the collapsing building, she was grateful it wasn’t worse. And, thanks to you, she was able to receive quick, safe treatment – avoiding suffering for months or even years to come.

Stronger for years to come

It was because of your quick action that our teams were some of the first on the ground, providing medical supplies, emergency relief and assessing damage caused by the earthquake.

And, now, it’s because of your continued support that we’re able to help Nepal become stronger and more prepared- helping lives for generations to come.

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