In a Broken World, Every Person Matters

Sometimes it seems like we live in a broken world.

War, extreme poverty and the inequity of life extend to the farthest reaches of the planet, where people live in deep vulnerability. So often we see the world painted in these negative shades. Violence that pushes already prone people farther to the margins. Diseases that sweep through and decimate rural communities. Malnutrition that strips children of their futures.

The otherwise bright hues of human potential are dimmed by adversity.

This is the big picture, a world that can at times seem chaotic. But when you dig deeper, narrow your focus, you see how this brokenness affects real people. They share the same hopes and fears, feel the same joy and pain, as we all do.

Imagine being little Saifullah, a 5-year-old boy living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Saifullah, a 5-year-old boy living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh

His family fled Myanmar last year when armed men stormed his village and began killing people. He now lives in a small shanty-style house along with eight members of his family. The family has trouble finding enough food for everyone, making life very difficult for Saifullah. He became sick with a high fever and bad cough but was healed at a Medical Teams health clinic. Life is improving for Saifullah, but he wants nothing more than to go back home.

And there’s Kenya, a pregnant mother from Liberia.

Soon-to-be-mother in a Liberia clinic waiting to receive pregnancy care

She’s a parent to a 9-year-old and is carrying her second child. Thanks to outreach efforts, Kenya knows to come to the clinic for weekly check-ups. She gave birth to her first child at home and almost lost the baby to complications. She loves her child. And she wants to protect the baby she’s carrying. She is grateful to all the people who have made her pregnancy safer, who are giving her unborn child a healthy start to life.

These people are important. We believe that every person mattersto God and to us. Every person has value. As the season changes, and we reflect on what this means, join us in helping people in need around the world. In places like Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Lebanon, Turkey, Syria and here in the U.S.

You can make a difference by making a gift of $25 today, which will heal a suffering person.

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