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Syrian Refugee Crisis

Civil war began in Syria in March 2011. Since then, nearly 11 million residents--half of the pre-war population--have been forced from their homes, fleeing to other parts of Syria or to neighboring countries. 

Families have lost livelihoods. Babies have lost parents. Children have lost dreams. Over the course of the war, Medical Teams International has met Syrians, whether displaced within their country or as refugees outside it, along their journey to safety and healing.


As of today, 13 million people left in Syria are in need of humanitarian aid. Bombings and horrific acts of war make basic needs like food, water, and medical care difficult to find. As clinics and hospitals are destroyed, health care becomes less available. Now, fewer than half of the medical facilities in Syria are functional. Horrifically, the remaining clinics are increasingly targeted by attacks, putting countless more lives at risk.

As more Syrians are forced from their homes and unable to return, effects of the crisis reverberate throughout the region. Most Syrian refugees live in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan.

Host countries try to care for the refugees, but their infrastructures can’t absorb such immense numbers. Tensions are increasing between host countries and refugee populations, leading to discrimination against Syrians. Any savings the refugees may have had at the beginning of the war are likely gone. It's a challenge for refugees to find jobs, and with a lack of income they can’t afford to pay for housing and other essentials.

SPECIAL: Engage your family with the refugee crisis.

Our free Refugee Family Discussion Guide will help you explore questions like:

  • What is a refugee?
  • Why do people become refugees?
  •  What can we do to help?


Medical Teams serves Syrian refugees in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, working to strengthen local health systems so that they can better address the needs of the host and refugee populations in the region. We've trained and continue to support a network of Refugee Outreach Volunteers who engage directly with their neighbors to encourage healthy habits, monitor chronic diseases, teach about mental health, and refer the sick and injured to primary health centers.


Medical Teams is filling a vital gap in mental health care for Syrians living in Turkey. We are working to strengthen the quality of mental health services by providing training to the mental health and psychosocial support staff in a community center that serves refugees.

Northern Syria

We have partnered with the International Blue Crescent to provide critical medical care to those still living in war-torn parts of Syria. We financially support two Primary Health Centers that serve approximately 9,000 Syrians each month. We also send regular shipments of medicines and medical supplies to health facilities, providing essential care to pregnant women, children, those with disabilities, and other vulnerable people living in an extremely unstable environment. 

WATCH NOW: Abir & Amal's story

A refugee mother and child pass through Greece as they flee violence in Syria.

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