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Afghanistan Primary Healthcare Project


Afghanistan suffers the effects of decades-long war and conflict. Most of rural Afghanistan (more than 80% of the population) has significant need for better medical care. More than 10% of Afghan children die before the age of 5 and the maternal death rate in Afghanistan is 400 out of 100,000. It is especially difficult to provide health care for women among the Hazaras and Kuchis, two marginalized groups within Afghanistan, where strict cultural restrictions are enforced.

Project Goals

  • Improve access to and the quality of primary health care services, maternal health services and medical transport services for families in three areas: Jegdelak, Lalander and Tangi Saidan.
  • Improve case management of diarrhea, pneumonia and malaria in health facilities by providing medical education and capacity building activities for health facility staff.
  • Improve the health of pregnant women and mothers with young children in Tangi Saidan, Lalandar, and Jegdelak.
  • Improve the overall community health by providing effective community supervision for the CHWs.

Program Offerings

  • Critical care transport, including attendants
  • Training of medical staff
  • Medicines
  • Maternal Delivery Kits
  • Community Health Worker kits
  • Maternal Child Health program


  • Morning Star Development 

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