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Afghanistan is an ancient country with a turbulent history. Since 1979, Afghanistan has experienced a Soviet takeover, a civil war, the oppressive Taliban government and years of significant drought.

Women and Children suffer most

Historically, under strict Sharia law, male physicians have been prohibited from studying female anatomy and physiology, leaving the country without any skilled birth attendants for pregnant mothers. Not surprisingly, Afghanistan now has one the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

During the rule of the Taliban, women and children were systematically neglected-- and still carry the social impacts a decade after its collapse.

Difficult geography & infrastructure

Afghans face several other health challenges, including lack of clean water and sanitation services, an inconsistent health education system, rundown transportation services, and mountainous terrain. 

There are only 19 physicians for every 100,000 people in Afghanistan and the life expectancy is 58-61 years.

People who do seek care often wait in overcrowded, under-supplied and understaffed facilities that prevent them from getting the care needed. 
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Children & women carry the biggest burden after years of systematic neglect from Taliban rule.

MTI's impact

We are support our local partner, Morning Star Development, by incorporating volunteers with backgrounds into rural clinics that target isolated Afghan populations. We are also dedicated to educating Community Health Workers who can serve as local advocates in even more remote areas. Morning Star has been working among the Afghans for the past 18 years.

We are addressing issues such as:

  • Childhood mortality is 103 for every 1000 live births
  • Only 34% of births are attended by a midwife or doctor
  • 33% of children are moderately or severely underweight
Providing health care to women in Afghanistan is particularly challenging because of cultural restrictions placed on women.

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