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Crochu Safe Motherhood Project


Crochu is in a remote, rural area of Haiti area without primary healthcare. Cholera and diarrheal diseases are continuing, recurring threats for children under 5. Rapid action can save lives. Safe Motherhood practices are rare—only 7% of births attended by skilled professionals.

Project Goals

  • Train community health workers in cholera treatment for children under 5
  • Community education to help prevent sources of cholera and diarrhea 
  • Improve sanitation 
  • Train in Safe Motherhood practices

Program Offerings

  • Train and supervise birth attendants
  • Supply birth kits to trained birth attendants
  • Provide Community Health Training on Cholera
  • Safe Motherhood training
  • Access to prenatal care visits, testing, and vitamins
  • Latrines and hand washing stations


Ministry of Health
Vitamin Angels

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Watch now: Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Crochu

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