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Centre Medical Beraca Medical Training Project


Over its 70+ year history the hospital has become a referral hospital due to its collaboration with the Ministry of Health, comparatively high quality of care, and its reputation for providing at least a minimal degree of charity care to those who cannot afford to pay. Although Beraca is known for providing better care than other hospitals in the region, its emergency room medical doctors and nurses are untrained in emergency medicine skills. The next closest referral for Beraca is in Port-Au-Prince, some 6 hour drive and two hour flight away- making access to trained emergency clinicians even more essential. The hospital is also in need of training for its nurses in Labor and Delivery care. Training is difficult to access in country due to the geographic location of the hospital and the hospital's need to keep staff onsite to maintain adequate coverage.

Project Goals

  • Provide training in basic emergency medicine to doctors and nurses
  • Provide training in labor and delivery management to nurses

Program Offerings

  • Training
  • Direct services through hands on learning conducted through side by side practice


Centre Medical Beraca

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