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Senahu-Alta Verapaz Community Health Project


Alta Verapaz is a department located 219 kilometers from the Capital of Guatemala, with a population of nearly 1 million people. The maternal mortality rate is the highest in the country, and basic childhood illnesses and malnutrition kill many children. Malnutrition and respiratory diseases are the greatest dangers for children. Many children are underweight, and even more are stunted.

Recently, MTI shifted efforts from Chamelco to Senahu, as Chamelco progress allowed it to "graduate" from our program. We are thrilled to see this progress, and now be able to shift development to surrounding areas.

Project Goals

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality among women of reproductive age and children under five in the municipality of Senahu.
  • Improve child health through increased access to community-level health services and improved household practices.
  • Improve the quality of child health in facilities through strengthened Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) services.
  • Improve child nutrition through community growth monitoring and promotion, in addition to improved Infant and Young Child Feeding IYCF practices and access to micronutrients.
  • Improve community health through health clinics, medicines and medical supplies, on top of better latrines and clean-burning stoves.

Program Offerings

  • Transport for one 40 ft. shipping container (avg. value of $695,000 worth of medicines and medical supplies).
  • Improved latrines and wash stations for families in Senahu. This reduces the incidence of diarrhea.
Provide funding for one community:
  • Conducting monthly growth monitoring and counseling sessions for children.
  • Educating families on the identification and treatment of childhood illnesses.
  • Improving health behaviors through strategic health training sessions.
  • Building ventilated stoves, water-systems and sanitary latrines to contribute to improved health.
  • Training community midwives to better care for pregnant women and to attend safe births.
  • Health education for one mother counselor to train 10 mothers in proper feeding practices, hand washing, hygiene and sanitation and proper treatment during illness.


Ministry of Health

Dolores (left), a single mother in Senahu, is a strong advocate for community health. Empowered by MTI's training, she's passionate about protecting her community & family.

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