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Chicamán Maternal and Child Health Project


El Quiché is a department located 250 kilometers north of the capital of Guatemala, with a population of more than 655,000 people. Out-of-pocket household costs account for 69% of total health spending; for impoverished families, this cost can be catastrophic. El Quiché has the country’s highest rate of maternal mortality at 192 per 100,000. 72% of children have chronic malnutrition, and 67% of the population live in extreme poverty.

The main causes of morbidity in Guatemala in children 5 and under are respiratory infections and diarrhea. Medical Teams International is working in three zones, totaling 16 villages, within the Municiplaity of Chicamán.

Project Goals

Reduce morbidity and mortality among women of reproductive age and children under 5 in the municipality of Chicamán, El Quiche:
  • Improve child health through increased access to community level health services and improved household practices 
  • Improve quality of child health by training and strengthening health facility staff to provide better quality care
  • Improve child nutrition through community growth monitoring and promotion, improved feeding practices, and access to micronutrients
  • Improve community health through health clinics, medicines and medical supplies, improved latrines, and improved stoves

Program Offerings

  • Health education for one mother counselor to train 10 mothers in proper feeding practices, hand washing, hygiene and sanitation and proper treatment during an illness.
  • Cooking Stoves for families. Stoves provide a huge reduction in smoke in homes and contribute to reducing respiratory illness.
  • Latrines and wash stations for families in Chicamán. These improve community health and contribute to a reduction in diarrhea.
  • Provide funding for one community.
  • Conduct monthly growth monitoring and counseling sessions for children.


Providence Health International
Ojo de Agua Team
Ministry of Health

Thanks to hard-working volunteers, children and their families are living healthier, safer lives in Chicamán.

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