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The Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan

A category 5 typhoon slammed into the Philippines on November 8th, 2013. Affecting over 14.1 million people, more than 4.1 million people were displaced, over 6,000 were killed, and over 27,000 were reported injured. Thousands were in desperate need of aid but relief efforts were hampered by damaged infrastructure and bad weather, making some of the hardest hit areas difficult to access.

Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to respond quickly, shipping urgently needed medicines and medical supplies to clinics and hospitals in the Philippines with enough supplies to care for 10,000 people for 3 months. Our volunteer teams of medical professionals were able to be on the ground within days of the disaster, helping to restore the health of communities devastated by the typhoon. Altogether, MTI sent 60 volunteers and provided care to over 20,500 patients.

Our 15th and final disaster response team returned January 28th. The country’s capacity to provide adequate medical care is being restored, and we are continuing to provide support to local partners engaged in a variety of rebuilding efforts.

MTI will begin sending rebuilding teams starting July 2014 through October 2014 to improve the health infrastructure of the community affected by the typhoon and address the holistic issues related to recovery after a traumatic event.

2014 Programs

  • Emergency Medical Services Training
  • Psycho-Social Programs
  • Medical Supplies Distribution
Volunteer Sharon Tissell caring for a child in the Philippines.

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