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Kampong Cham Safe Motherhood Project


MTI-Cambodia completed an Emergency Medical Services development project in Kampong Cham in July 2013. Building on the basic services established, MTI is now addressing high rates of maternal mortality (206 per 100,000) and newborn mortality (45 per 1000).


The Government of Cambodia is encouraging every woman to give birth in a health facility with a trained birth attendant by rapidly increasing the number of skilled birth attendants.  

Project Goals

Reduce morbidity and mortality of pregnant women, new mothers and newborns in two Health Districts of Kampong Cham Province through:
  • Improved quality of maternal care in health facilities through strengthened ante-natal, delivery and post natal care services of Health Centre Staff
  • Improved Maternal and Newborn/Infant outcomes in communities
  • Improved outcomes in infant-and pregnancy-related Medical Emergencies

Program Offerings

Provide training for midwives, Traditional Birth Attendants, community health volunteers, and first responder ambulance drivers.


  • Kampong Cham Provinicial Health Department
  • National Ministry of Health
  • URC

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