“We ran from too many gunshots that went on throughout the night. My parents died. My siblings have been killed. So we had to run. We ran to the border."

 -Matata, a Congolese refugee in Uganda


Refugee crisis in Uganda

Fighting in Uganda’s neighboring countries has pushed hundreds of thousands of refugees into border areas within the last few years. Homes are looted, towns change hands between forces, and both men and women suffer violence as a weapon of war.

This puts intense pressure on a system that is still struggling to recover and meet the needs of its own people. It is vital that enough support is in place to help the system heal and continue to grow.

Most recently, refugees have fled into Uganda to escape conflict in South Sudan, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Our work in Uganda

We are working to restore a supportive healthcare system for Ugandans and the floods of refugees. Our programs support local community care and are supporting the development of emergency transport committees.

Critical preventative care like HIV testing and supporting Community Health, and treatment for stigmatized issues like Nodding Syndrome are keys to building a strong and stable health care system.
MTI staff treats a South Sudanese refugee child in Adjumani in Northern Uganda.