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Northern Uganda Community Health Programs


Equitable access to health care services remains a critical concern in Uganda. Over the past two decades, Northern Uganda suffered severe violence instigated by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army. This violence deprived the population of basic needs and quality health care services. Since 2010, the majority of the community has returned to their home areas from the internally displaced persons' camps.

Most residents in Pader & Lira do not have access to health services, resulting in very high mortality rates. Most health indicators fall below the MDG targets, according to 2012 Uganda NEMA reports. HIV and AIDS flourish in Northern Uganda, and Nodding Syndrome afflicts children and families who have few options for help.

Project Goals

  • Reduce malnutrition, diarrhea, pneumonia, maternal and child morbidity and mortality 
  • Increase access to primary healthcare services and health education through the training of health staff 
  • Increase training of community health workers and Mother Leader groups for PMTCT, HIV/AIDS prevention, medicines/medical supplies, home care services 
  • Expand immunization programs 
  • Provide training and medicines for those impacted by Nodding Syndrome
  • Increase provision of sanitation facilities 
  • Support for emergency referral and transport

Program Offerings

Community Health 


Ministry of Health
MTI staff distributes medical supplies to families afflicted by Nodding Syndrome.

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