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Medical Services & Training

We have volunteer doctors & medical professionals around the world treating patients and training local people.
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Liberia is now in a period of peace and reconstruction after years of intermittent and violent civil war. More than 250,000 people were killed when Charles Taylor launched a rebellion against the military regime of Samuel Doe during the 1990's. Years of conflict displaced 600,000 of the country’s three million inhabitants and caused widespread human suffering.

The civil conflict ended in 2003 but many people still face challenges. Liberia has the fifth-highest under-five mortality rate in the world. The rate of HIV infection is steadily increasing and access to health care is limited. Liberia's population is nearly four million, but there are only 120 doctors and three dentists in the entire country. There is a great need for professional medical training, dental care, primary health care and community health education.

Ebola Epidemic

MTI is responding to the Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa - the largest outbreak of the virus ever in terms of cases, deaths and spread. We need your help to contain the spread.
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