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Bong County Health Service Project


Liberia is now rebuilding after 14 years of civil war. Only 17% of health facilities existed after the years of fighting. The single biggest cause of mortality to pregnant women and children is malaria, despite being a preventable and curable disease. In Liberia, maternity mortality rate is a staggering 7 maternal deaths per 1,000 births. Over 40% of children under 5 have stunted growth, typically due to chronic malnutrition.

Bong County has few medical facilities; over half the population must walk over an hour to access medical care. Only 52% of births take place at a health facility; only 55% of women seek treatment to prevent malaria during pregnancy.

Project Goals

  • Improve health service delivery 
  • Strengthen the health system through community health education 
  • Provide training and material support to 7 health facilities

Program Offerings

  • Strengthen the delivery of health care and supporting systems
  • Build health care capacities both in and outside of health facilities
  • Includes medicines, training, care/treatment, and supplies


  • AfriCares
  • Ministry of Health and County Health Teams

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