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Be a part of our teams by supporting them financially.

Every month, medical teams depart for places around the world in desperate need of healing and hope. Not only does each team member donate his or her time, but many pay the travel costs and gather donated supplies and medicine.

Select a team below to donate.

Your gift directly touches hurting families and children, even when you physically cannot.


Donate to our Haiti Rehabilitation Therapy Team

(March, 2015) This team will focus on providing direct care and preventing disability alongside our Advantage Rehabilitation staff, help provide training to locals in rehabilitation care, and just as importantly, learn about rehabilitation in a foreign context where resources are limited.

This team includes Gale Lavinder, Victoria Dorcean, Jency John, Melissa Finnell


Donate to our Haiti Rehabilitation Therapy Team

(March, 2015) This team will benefit the physically disabled in Haiti by helping our staff fill the gap in rehabilitation care within the Haitian health care system by providing direct care, empowering the disabled to engage in daily life, and building local capacity to care for and include the physically disabled in all aspects of society.

This team includes Gale Lavinder, Allyson Cannella, Nicholas Sheehan, Brian Jones, Jordanna Budetti.


Donate to our Haiti Ultrasound Training Team

(March, 2015) This team will provide training to one physician on general ultrasound and one nurse on obstetrical ultrasound.

This team includes Jo Clancy.

Uganda Dental Team

Donate to our Uganda Dental Team

(March, 2015) This team will provide primary dental care to refugees at the United  Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) Nakivale and Oruchinga settlements in SW Uganda. This team will treat approximately 50 patients per day, performing many surgical extractions for many patients, primarily children.

This team includes Dr. Alan Spano


Donate to our Guatemala Dental Team

(March, 2015) This team will serve the communities of Pamaxan, Buenos Aires, Via Hortensia Antigua and Horeb, treating a bout 45 patients per day for 4.5 days.

This team includes Gail Hall, Tally Hall, Gabor Klade, David Hunt, Byron Olson, Lauri Olson, Judi Branstetter, Esther Sullivan, Ellen M. Broyles.


Donate to our Romania Rehabilitation Therapy Team

(April, 2015) This team will help serve children by providing rehabillitation plans for children with physical and mental disabilities who would otherwise not receive care.

This team includes Staci Balkan and Lory Butcher.


Donate to our Uganda Medical Team

(April, 2015) This team will help provide essential health services for refugees in Uganda. They will also help provide training to local professionals.

This team includes Marc Bouma.


Donate to our Guatemala Community Impact Team

(April, 2015) This team will work alongside the Ojo de Agua community in the Chicaman, El Quiche area of Guatemala. They will help build improved latrines with the local families.

This team includes Chris Dickey, Janice Burger, Peter Burger, Lisa Powell, Richard Powell, Laurie Bender, Loren Etengoff, Kristi Etengoff, Mike Simon, Kathy Criswall, Bob Button, Lisa Powell, Kristi Rutledge.


Donate to our El Salvador Pediatric Ophthalmology Team

(October, 2015) This team will perform corrective eye surgery for approximately 60 children who would otherwise not have access to surgery.

This team includes Dr. Michael Struck, Wilma Gillis, Judy Schmidt, Melanie Schmidt, Allison Babiuch, Nicole Gadberry.


Donate to our South Sudan Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care Medical Teaching Team

(April, 2015) This team will help provide comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care within the hospital's catchment area of about 45,000 people and 19 clinics.

This team includes Brenda Maldonado


Donate to our Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue Travel Team

Over the past 10 years, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue (TVF&R) firefighters have donated their time and money to help Medical Teams International provide assistance in countries around the world. To date, more than 40 TVF&R firefighters have responded to countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Haiti, Japan, Uganda and the Philippines. Most recently, 14 TVF&R firefighters have helped with relief efforts in response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.