Daring to love like Jesus,
we boldly break barriers to health
and restore wholeness in a hurting world.

Bring healing to people in crisis.



Horrific violence has pushed 600,000+ Rohingya out of Myanmar. Teams are on the ground bringing them healing in Bangladesh.



Syrian refugees are in urgent need of medical care and supplies. Every hour is critical as we try to reach as many as possible.



Famine and war in South Sudan are forcing thousands to flee. Over 3,500 refugees enter Uganda daily. Refugees worldwide need help.

What We Do

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Needs, Access, and Resources: Our Plan.

Why We’re Helping the Rohingya and Puerto Rico: Bringing healing to people in crisis is core to who we are. It compels us to act, and to prayerfully consider where we can help most.

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Beware: 4 Refugee Myth Busters

Find out how YOU can take action during this critical time to help vulnerable refugees. Read Martha's notes from the field and learn four refugee myths... and what YOU can do to change them.

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Update: Treating Rohingya refugees.

Hassan was one of the first patients to arrive, clutching his mother and slipping in and out of consciousness. They recently arrived in Bangladesh, fleeing violence in the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis.

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Resilience: A Nurse's Perspective

"We have been inside homes, sat where people eat and sleep... The camp presents a rawness, realness, and starkness that I didn’t realize from an outside view... The people I’m meeting are incredibly resilient."

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  • rebecca-uganda-refugee-relief-

    "Without the medicine, we would not be talking as we are now. And I think about this: that the medicine is coming from people I did not know. This is a miracle that comes from God. And it shows that God is real, and that He is here to help me. And so now, I no longer feel that I am alone."

    - Rebecca, South Sudanese Refugee
  • "MTI has developed the expertise to assess the greatest needs. It takes manpower, and it certainly takes dollars …. As I came to understand that my community wasn’t just where I lived and worked, but that it was the world, I believe I am fulfilling why I’m here.”

    - Pat, Donor
  • "As a values-driven company focused on continuous innovation, Cambia is proud to partner with Medical Teams International. The organization has a profound impact on improving the health of our communities – both locally and globally – and the impact they’re making is both tangible and far-reaching."

    - Mark Ganz, President and CEO of Cambia Health Solutions
  • mobile-dental-testimonial-pic

    "I’m grateful for the help because before I could not smile or talk well because of the pain of my teeth and now, thanks to your help, I feel much better. I feel more sure of myself because a smile is the most beautiful (part) of a person. Many, many thanks for the help."

    - Erik, Dental Clinic Patient
  • volunteer-internationally-medical-teams

    "Volunteering allowed me to develop relationships with community members who are the most closely impacted by MTI’s work. I got to be on the end where I saw the funding move into change.”

    - Brittn, International Volunteer

How will you respond?

There are many ways you can support those suffering around the world in their time of need. Consider donating money, medical supplies, or even airline miles. Apply to volunteer, both in the U.S. and around the world. Or join with us in praying for our volunteer teams, our partners in the field, and those in need around the world.