Re-entry frustrations

Top 10 Re-entry Frustrations

1. Boredom
2. “No one wants to hear about this”
3. It’s hard to explain (even to those who are willing to listen)
4. Reverse homesickness
5. Previous relationships have changed
6. People misinterpret surface elements of the host culture that you may have adopted or other aspects of your behavior: e.g. a need to be alone or spend time with new friends or things you say
7. Feelings of alienation
8. Seeing home with critical eyes
9. Inability to apply new knowledge, skills and attitudes
10. Fear of losing the experience in the busyness of life

Adapted from the "Study Abroad Re-entry Handbook" of University at Buffalo, State University of New York (created by Rhona Cadenhead-Hames)

Watch this video of volunteers discussing re-entry: