MTI Travel Tip

Medical Teams International recommends that you register your trip with the U.S. State Department. Register now.

Learning about your destination country

Mini Exercise 1

Go to World Health Organization Web site and click on the link for International Travel and Health. There, you will find an e-book called "International Travel and Health".

1. Skim through chapter one and answer this question: What six factors determine the risk a traveler may be exposed to?
2. Scroll down to page 2 and review the list of items recommended to include in a first aid kit. Have you packed these items?
3. Next open chapter two. What does the WHO suggest for dealing with jet lag?
4. Why might chapter eight be especially relevant to Medical Teams International volunteers?

Country-specific Orientation

Visit the following three Web sites:
1. Central Intelligence Agency (choose World Factbook under Quick Links)
2. Library of Congress (choose Global Gateway and then (a) Portals to the World or (b) Research Guides and Databases and then click on Country Studies)
3. World Bank (click on Countries in the light blue bar at the top of the page) Which would you recommend for up-to-date and detailed country-specific information for persons going on a short-term work trip?

Mini Exercise 2

Using the Web site you prefer, answer these questions about your destination country:
1. Name two major cities.
2. What are the primary religions?
3. What are the national languages?
4. Name the type of government system.
5. Who is the head of state?

Visa Requirements

Go to the U.S. Department of State site and follow the links until you can find the answer to this question: What are the visa requirements and entry procedures for U.S. Americans visiting your assigned country?

Note: Your team coordinator will let you know what you need to do regarding a visa for your trip.