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Exercises to Prepare You for Your Trip

As you check your carry-on bag one last time, you hear a knock on the door. It is the driver who will take you to the airport. He helps you carry your bags to the van and it seems you are the only passenger. You are grateful for a moment of peace and quiet after the busyness of the past few weeks.

Before you know it, you are at the airport. During check-in, the woman behind the counter notices all the stamps in your passport and that you have already been to your destination country. She says, "I see you like to travel." You tell her that long flights and airport waits aren't your favorite thing but you love what you do once you arrive. She asks, "Oh, what's that?" When you tell her you are going to work at a hospital for eight days, she says, "You have a lot of luggage for such a short trip. What can you do in eight days anyway? I hear there are very few doctors and nurses over there."

Two hours later, you settle in and your seatmate notices you reading your Medical Teams International country manual and says, "Oh, are you moving to Cambodia? That's exciting. What will you do there? I can't imagine living in a foreign country?"

Question for Reflection

How would you take advantage of these two encounters to educate and excite people about Medical Teams International and its work?