Why we are unique

There are several faith-based organizations working in disaster relief, medical services or health programming. Here are some traits that make us unique:

  • Our focus on holistic transformation. We seek to address the health and wellness of the whole person—a physical, social, mental and spiritual being living in relationship with God, other people and the whole of creation. 
  • We work through local partner organizations. To effectively serve people in need, we establish complementary partnerships, particularly with local organizations. Through our partnerships, we share gifts and abilities to achieve a common purpose. 
  • Our use of volunteer teams. Our teams include highly trained medical professionals, students, church groups and many other dedicated individuals, who are an integral part of the work of the organization. Volunteers allow the organization to greatly multiply its response to needs around the world. 
  • Our involvement in both relief and development. We respond with immediate assistance in crisis situations but are also heavily involved in long-term development work around the world. 
  • We work both domestically and internationally. Unlike many humanitarian aid organizations, Medical Teams International responds to disasters and needs in the U.S. as well as overseas.