Online Courses

Online courses can be found in different sections of the Resource center, most notably in the Community-Based Primary Health Care section and the Disaster Response section.

 MTI-project-cycle-management-PCM Project Cycle Management Level 1 Online Course
The PCM1 course will teach you how to effectively manage a project from start to finish. It was updated in 2015. This online course is for MTI program staff and other program managers to build basic skills and knowledge in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating a project using a project cycle approach.  
 pcm-2-mti Project Cycle Management Level 2 Online Course
This online course builds on lessons from the PCM (level 1) course. The course is primarily geared toward program managers in the field and at HQ levels in order to build competencies in community based primary health care, program design and management. There are 4 modules to the course. Module 1 reviews principles of Community Based Primary Health Care, and provides examples of interventions that integrate evidence based best practices. Module 2 focuses on transformational approaches and working with partners and volunteers. Module 3 presents a way to design projects to effectively promote individual and community level behavior change. Module 4 presents the Theory of Change, and hones skills in specific monitoring and evaluation tools. A participant manual is to be used alongside this course for responding to reflective questions and participatory exercises.
 MTI-training-of-trainers-global-health-humanitarian-disaster-response Training-of-Trainers: Adult Learning
This course will strengthen participants’ skills and knowledge in designing and delivering educational sessions to adult learners.

We believe that high quality training supports program quality and contributes to the fulfillment of our mission.
 MTI-international-volunteer-orientation-global-health-humanitarian-disaster-response-NGO International Volunteer Orientation 
This four module course was designed to prepare Medical Teams volunteers for short-term overseas assignments. However, much of it will also be relevant to staff as well as those volunteering with similar agencies.

The course content includes an overview of the agency (our history, mission, values, and structure); preparing for your trip; volunteer life; organizational policies; being part of a team; working in a different culture; working with local partners; health and safety when traveling abroad; coming home and staying connected with the mission.
 MTI-barrier-analysis-food-for-the-hungry-CORE Barrier Analysis 
Barrier Analysis is a rapid assessment tool that can help community organizations identify why recommended healthy behaviors are reluctantly adopted or not adopted at all. Food for the Hungry developed this approach to identifying overcoming barriers with the help and funding of CORE, as well as many local health promoters in developing countries.
 MTI-dialog-education-online-global-learning-partners-global-health Dialog Education Online
Dialogue Education Online is a training resource delivered by Global Learning Partners.  This distance learning course is an opportunity to learn (or refresh your knowledge) about applying Dialogue Education’s learning-centered 8 Steps of Design method in your teaching, training or meeting facilitation. Courses are uniquely tailored to each learner’s goals and needs. Methods are based on solid theory, facilitated by teachers who are compassionate, creative, skilled, responsive and attentive, in sessions that are both focused and fun.
 MTI-global-health-USAID Global Health
In response to growing demand from the field for technical updates, USAID identified eLearning as a solution. It allows USAID and its partners to expand the reach and use of critical program guidance to its staff in the field and to their collaborators, partners, and stakeholders.

Content includes diarrheal disease, emergency obstetric and newborn care, logistics for health commodities, fostering change in health services, immunization essentials and malaria in pregnancy.
 MTI-humanitarian-work-and-traumatic-stress-headington-institute Humanitarian Work and Traumatic Stress
Headington Institute offers key resources designed to help humanitarian workers understand and cope with traumatic stress.

Follow the links on the page to access online training modules, download brochures and tips sheets, find journaling questions, and more.
 MTI-infection-prevention-engenderhealth-health Infection Prevention
EngenderHealth presents online training in Infection Prevention. Infection prevention practices reduce the spread of infections in health care settings and create a climate of safety so that health workers feel they can provide care, and clients are willing to seek care without risking their health. 
 MTI-mental-health-and-disaster-preparedness-johns-hopkins Mental Health and Disaster Preparedness
Dr. Parker, of Johns Hopkins, created this presentation that introduces the topics of disaster mental health services, mental health surge capacity, and psychiatric first aid.