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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Field Photos: Hospital Triage Setup in Liberia

    by Kristin Simpson | Nov 26, 2014

    Check out these photos we just received from MTI staff in Liberia!

    Thanks to your generous donations, MTI is working with clinics in Liberia to establish triage areas that are isolated from the Outpatient Departments.

    God bless you and thank you for helping us stop the spread of Ebola.






  • Field Photos: Ebola Prevention in Liberia

    by Kristin Simpson | Nov 25, 2014

    We are excited to share these pictures we just received from our MTI staff in Liberia. Thanks to your generous donations, MTI is on the ground in Liberia, educating and training health practitioners on safe Ebola detection and triage practices.

    Check out these photos of MTI staff and our partner, Humedica, visiting health clinics in Bomi County and Grand Cape Mount County in Liberia.

    You are making a difference in the world — thank you!





    Learn more about MTI's response in Liberia and donate now to help stop the spread of Ebola.

  • Field Photos: Cholera Prevention in Haiti

    by Kristin Simpson | Nov 24, 2014

    Check out these pictures of your gifts in action! Thanks to you, nurses in Crochu, Haiti, educated children and teachers about proper sanitation practices to help prevent the spread of cholera. Thank you for making this possible!

    haiti-child-health-programsChildren learning about sanitation practices.

    Potable drinking water station at a school.

    Hand washing station "tippy tap" at a school.

  • Haiti Success Story: Baby Chrismène

    by Kristin Simpson | Nov 21, 2014

    We're excited to share with you a story how your gifts changed the life of a baby in Haiti!

    Meet Chrismène, one of many babies living in the remote, mountainous community of Pinot, in Crochu, Haiti. Because of Pinot’s off-the-grid location and limited access to health clinics, it’s very difficult for children to receive the necessary treatment they need to grow and survive.

    Thanks to your generous donations, Chrismène and many other babies are receiving immunizations and health checks every month. Before her first birthday, Chrismène received the right amount of vaccinations as required by the Ministry of Health of Haiti. She is on her way to a healthy childhood because of you!

    With your help and with the participation of local medical volunteers, MTI is coordinating community outreach activities in an effort to offer even more health services to isolated communities such as Pinot.

    God bless you and thank you for supporting our Haiti programs; you are changing lives!

  • Mobile Dental Success Story: Peace & Joy

    by Kristin Simpson | Nov 18, 2014
    We recently received a note from a woman who received care at a mobile dental van thanks to your donations. She wished to remain anonymous, but she wanted to share her thanks for your generous gifts.

    From "Claire":

    "To all of you responsible for the dental van services in Alsea,
    The people who provide the services of the dental van make my life easier, give me greater peace of mind, and increase my joy of living. I especially appreciate that you came out to Alsea because I do not have a motor vehicle. Thank you many times over. The fact that you care... and provide the services warms my heart."

    Thank you for supporting our mobile dental program. You are transforming lives!

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