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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Dental Program: Thank You from People You've Helped!

    by Katie Carroll | Sep 05, 2014

    Every day, you are making a life-changing difference for people right here in the U.S. Your donations to our mobile dental program are truly life-transforming.

    Today we share with you recent notes from patients who received care in our dental vans, thanks to you!


    Without the dental van, I don't know what I would [have] done. I have been having dental needs for y[ea]rs for broken teeth, infections, etc. Being on a fixed income & SDI [State Disability Insurance] there was no money left for costly dentist visits. I was in extreme pain when I found the dental van, and they got me right in, took care of my needs with no out of pocket expense. Thank you!
    - Barb


    I would like to say thank you to all of you that spend your time to help others, the people that cannot really [afford] dental care. Thank you very much. You have made a difference in my life and to many others. GOD bless your heart. Again thank you very much.
    - Oscar

    Dental pain can make every waking moment misery. Eating, sleeping, talking - it can make the smallest things feel impossible. Hardworking people cannot afford to sacrifice a day of work or a six-hour round-trip drive for regular check ups, and their job performance and self-esteem suffer as the pain makes it a struggle to focus.  

    Thank you for your generosity & compassion!

  • Make a Difference... and Win a Brand New 2015 Lexus NX!

    by Katie Carroll | Sep 05, 2014

    Going to be in Oregon anytime soon? Don't forget to enter our raffle to win a brand, new Lexus!  Kuni Lexus of Portland has generously donated a 2015 Lexus NX, valued at $38,000!



    Raffle tickets are just $100 and proceeds go to MTI's lifesaving programs.

    The raffle drawing is October 11th, 2014 at 9:30pm... but we only have 2,000 tickets available so get yours now before they sell out!

    Visit to enter today!
  • Field Photos: Training in Grand Cape Mount

    by Katie Carroll | Sep 04, 2014

    Thank you for your incredible generosity to support our Ebola response program. Your gifts are making a difference every day in the uphill battle against Ebola. Thanks to your donations, MTI is able to maintain a leadership role among NGOs in Liberia.  Our staff continues to coordinate and lead the sharing of information throughout the community on how to stop the virus's spread.

    A few weeks ago, as a result of your generous gifts, MTI staff was able to complete four, two-day training sessions of community health volunteers in Grand Cape Mount, Liberia. Because of you, nearly 250 participants were trained on facts about the Ebola virus and how to share this information throughout their communities.

    At the beginning of this training session, nearly half of the volunteers raised their hands when asked if they believed the Ebola virus was NOT real. Education is the key to preventing the virus's spread. Your gift is making a difference!



  • Field Update: Meet Olga, a Mother Counselor in Guatemala

    by Katie Carroll | Aug 25, 2014

    Meet Olga, one of MTI's volunteer Mother Counselors in Guatemala!

    Olga is the mother of 5 children and an active MTI Mother Counselor in the community of Sehaquiba, an hour and a half from Cobán.

    Through MTI’s training sessions, Olga said she now knows a lot about care for children, when to look for necessary help, danger signs during pregnancy, how to purify her water, and family planning techniques. She thanked MTI for the education since now she practices family planning and understands the benefits of spacing pregnancies. Olga said she had four children one after another and that when she had her births so quickly it was very difficult to care for her children as they were all very small. She commented that because of this experience she wants to transmit birth spacing information to other mothers in her area so that they can care for their families and live better.

    Olga (far left) with Mother Counselors in Sehaquiba.


    Olga commented that prior to MTI’s work in the communities she did not know how to look for help when her children were sick, and that they suffered from both diarrhea and pneumonia. Now, her children no longer suffer from the same high incidence of illness and her family is healthy. Within her community, Olga said that respiratory illnesses have also been reduced since families no longer cook with smoke in the home.

    Olga noted that by practicing the instructions they have received they will be able to have a developing community, healthy families, and professionals in the future in their community. She noted that the village is now more organized, since leaders receive training on their roles and on the basis of this are more active and concerned about the health of the families that belong to their communities.

    We are so grateful for your continued support of our Community Health programs in Guatemala. Thank you!

    Story by Brittn Grey
  • Fighting Ebola: Training of Volunteers in Liberia

    by Katie Carroll | Aug 20, 2014

    Thank you for your incredibly generous donations to our Ebola response programs. Thanks to you, our response teams were able to successfully train 100 general Community Health Volunteers - plus additional volunteer participants - in Bomi County, Liberia.

    Community Health Volunteers in Training


    At the beginning of this month, MTI began a four-month plan to support the Bomi County Health and Social Welfare Team with Ebola response. Response activities are focused on training all general Community Health Volunteers on how Ebola is transmitted and how it can be prevented. The objective is to equip volunteers with information and skills to conduct health messages and awareness about Ebola throughout the community. This weekend, four teams trained volunteers through lectures, Q&A sessions, group work, presentations and community mapping.

    Bomi County Volunteers in Training


    We could not provide this training without you! The fight to stop the spread of Ebola continues to be difficult, but your gifts are making a difference. Thank your for having a heart for those in most desperate need.

    Learn more about why community education is critical for Liberian culture.

    Donate to our Ebola response program.

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