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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Ugandan Chess Champion Visits MTI's REAL. LIFE. Exhibit

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 21, 2014

    On Friday, MTI's REAL. LIFE. Exhibit received a special visit from Phiona Mutesi, a national chess champion in Uganda. She stopped by with Robert Katende, her chess coach, and Don Brenneman, Oregon Ministry Director at Sports Outreach Institute.

    Phiona Mutesi, Don Brennaman, Robert Katende

    Mutesi grew up in the slum of Katwe in Uganda. Here father died of AIDS when she was about three years old. She and her siblings lived on the streets. When she was about nine, Mutesi followed her brothers about two miles to a food program run by Sports Outreach Institute.

    At the center, Mutesi was not interested in soccer, like her brothers. Instead, she fell in love with chess. She met Katende who is a missionary at Sports Outreach, and he became her coach.

    Among her accolades, Mutesi has participated in two Chess Olympiads, and become one of the first titled female chess players in Ugandan history. In 2012, author Tim Crothers wrote a book based on her life called The Queen of Katwe, One Girl’s Triumphant Path to Becoming a Chess Champion. Disney is currently making a movie about Mutesi.

    Through chess, Mutesi has been able to change her life.  She is visiting the U.S. now to share her story at churches and through interviews.  She is also helping to raise money for local children through Chess for Success.  

    It was a pleasure to have such a distinguished guest visit MTI so that we can share our mission.

  • Field Highlight: Elizabeth in Liberia

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 17, 2014

    Elizabeth is a Trained Traditional Midwife (TTM) from Saywanken village near Tubmanville Clinic in Sinoe County, Liberia.  She said before Medical Teams International came to provide education and support, delivering babies was very dangerous. “Since my Mama born me, the woman all give birth behind the bush. Now MTI here, we learned and are coming to the clinic.”

    Elizabeth received a training to look for danger signs in pregnancy. Last week she noticed a pregnant woman with bleeding. She referred her to the clinic in Tubmanville. The woman is now she is being watched by healthcare professionals and has a much higher chance of having a healthy baby and remaining a healthy mother. Elizabeth said, “I thank God for MTI to come here. I like it too much.”

    Thank you for your selfless support of our community health and safe motherhood programs.  You are providing this training, which helps save lives!

  • Local Giving Events on May 6th!

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 16, 2014

    Did you know that May 6th is a special day devoted to charities that are making a difference in our own neighborhoods?  Give Local Portland and Give Big (Seattle Foundation) are two one-day, online giving events on May 6th that benefit non-profits like MTI who are making a difference right in our backyards!  

    As you know, Medical Teams International provides desperately-needed emergency dental care to local low-income adults and children in the United States - particularly the Pacific Northwest.  We also provide preventative dental health programs for children here. 

    It would be incredible if you are able spread the word about these ONE-DAY events to your friends, family, and colleagues.  You will be helping us not only raise awareness of our local programs but also raise funds to care for those who most need it.



    We are extremely grateful for your support.  And the people in your neighborhood who you are helping want to thank you for your kindness and generosity!  Check out these notes from children who are benefiting from our OR & WA preventative health presentations, and see more of their notes here.

    "Thank you for teaching about flossing."

    "I learned that brushing my teeth and flossing are very important because it takes all the germs out of my teeth and helps me live longer and protects it a lot.  Thank you, Tim & Cathy"


    "Thank you, Tim and Cathy. I learned to floss every day.  I love you guys."
  • Field Photos: Maternal & Child Health in Haiti

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 15, 2014
    Check out these snapshots of your gifts in action!  These photos are different types of training MTI holds in Crochu, Haiti.  You make this training possible!  The information shared helps prevent illness and even death for mothers and children in Haiti.  Thank you!

    Women in Mothers Club role play Counselling a pregnant woman about prenatal consultation.

    Women in Mothers Club learn about the importance of prenatal consultation such as when & where to go, how often, and what services are offered.

    Health committee members in Crochu Haiti learn about danger signs to look for during pregnancy. The materials they are reviewing show symptoms that warrant immediate trips to the clinic.

    Traditional Birth Attendants practice hand washing to help prevent infection transmission during delivery. 

  • Disaster Update: Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 11, 2014

    Medical Teams International has been involved in a West African region-wide epidemic of Ebola (hemorrhagic fevor). The outbreak started in a fairly remote area in Guinea, but quickly spread to parts of Liberia. Although most of the cases have been contained within Guinea and Liberia, there have been suspected cases in areas as far as Mali and Sierra Leone. MTI has been monitoring the situation and supporting health workers in Bong County near the epicenter of the epidemic as well as general support for Liberia’s Ministry of Health. “A dangerous situation like this takes a lot of coordination and careful education of the public,” says Country Director, Andrew Hoskins.

    Health workers at Zowinta, one of the clinics in the effected area of Bong County where MTI is providing support.


     MTI’s support has included:

    • Education: Coordinating a training for health workers to have general knowledge of Ebola, how to quickly triage patients to determine who needs urgent attention, what to do with suspected cases, and most importantly how to protect yourself from contracting the disease.
    • Purchasing Supplies:
      • Protective supplies (gloves, masks, etc…)
      • Infection prevention materials (bleach, sanitizers, soap, etc…)
      • Laboratory equipment for sample transport (syringes, sample containers, test tubes, etc…)
    • Communication: Helping with communication of the current situation from the central level (capital city) to the ground level where we are working.
    • Transportation:  Using MTI vehicles and motorcycles to transport rapid response teams and surveillance teams.
    Bloomberg News reports that this is "Africa’s biggest Ebola outbreak in seven years."

    Said Laurent Duvillier, a Unicef spokesman, “risk of international spread should be taken seriously.”

    Please be join us in praying for those impacted by this terrible virus and that its spread will be contained. Pray for protection of MTI staff as they continue their work in Liberia.

    We are so grateful for your support of our programs, which enable us to be ready to react when disasters strike.

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