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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Haiti Success Story: Montas

    by Katie Carroll | May 19, 2014
    Montas next to his completed latrine.

    Montas Eliacé and his wife live in Démier, a locality in Crochu, Haiti. In May 2013, MTI held training session near his house. Although Montas was not participating in the training, those who attended passed along the information they had learned about Cholera prevention and diarrheal diseases. Montas was inspired by what he heard. He and his wife started saving to build a latrine. Eleven month later, the latrine is complete! Montas is very proud.

    Thank you for your donations to help prevent Cholera in Haiti. Because of you, communities and households are being transformed, and this deadly bacteria is being stopped in the most effective way possible - before it can infect. Thank you!!

  • KeyBank Portland Office Volunteers with MTI!

    by Katie Carroll | May 16, 2014




    Yesterday we were grateful to have the downtown Portland office of KeyBank choose to volunteer at our headquarters in Tigard as part of their annual "Neighbors Make a Difference Day." Across the U.S., 7,000 KeyBank employees participated to make a difference in their communities.

    It was a hot day here (90 degrees!), and our generous volunteers cleaned two of our dental vans. They also helped pre-pack disaster response bags. We send these units in with our first responders so it's critical to have them ready in advance of a disaster. In one afternoon, they contributed to both our U.S. programs as well as our International programs! After their service, the team toured our REAL. LIFE. Exhibit.

    Of the experience, KeyBank employee Katerina shared, "I really loved the exhibit tour... it was good to see how we are contributing to helping people in need worldwide... The exhibit was sobering, but at the same time very inspirational to see how much Medical Teams International hs contributed to helping those in need."
    Thank you, KeyBank volunteers!!

    Join our team! You can make a direct impact on the lives of families in need around the world and here in the U.S. Check out our local volunteering opportunities - no medical experience required!

  • Liberia Success Story: in Labor and in Trouble

    by Katie Carroll | May 13, 2014
    Emma and her baby survived - thanks to your gifts!

    Emma Saytue went into labor knowing she was in trouble. The local medical clinic was closed. And in this part of Liberia there was no one nearby who could help her give birth.

    So Emma, already in labor, walked over an hour to reach a woman named Edwina. Edwina is an MTI volunteer who, thanks to your gifts, had been trained to help mothers give birth—and to know when more help was needed.

    After Emma safely delivered her child, Edwina noticed a dangerous complication. She rushed Emma to the nearest clinic, where Emma received the treatment she needed. Emma returned home with a healthy baby.

    You helped save Emma’s life—and ensured that Emma’s child will grow up with her mother around! It all happens because of your gifts.

  • Cambodia Success Story: Two Lives Saved in One Family

    by Katie Carroll | May 12, 2014

    Your gifts did something simple but lifesaving for a mother named Tert Maes—you taught her how to identify the symptoms of malaria.



    When Tert recently saw the symptoms in her five-year-old son she knew exactly what to do. Instead of waiting to see if it was just a common cold—and unknowingly letting the disease ravage his tiny body—Tert immediately sought treatment for her son. He was diagnosed in time, received treatment, and recovered completely. That’s the life-saving power of your gift!

    And, just months later, Tert saw the signs of the same disease in her twelve-year-old son. He too was treated in time.

    Your gifts also trained a local health volunteer in Tert’s community in Cambodia. When Tert’s twelve-year-old was bitten by a highly venomous snake, that volunteer knew exactly what to do to save his life.

    “My son almost died.” Tert says, “But he has fully recovered with proper care and essential medicine.”

    Teaching mothers like Tert how to identify diseases and training local healthcare volunteers is so important. You helped save Tert’s sons’ lives (one of them twice!) with your gift. The impact you’ve had on mothers and children in Cambodia and around the world is amazing.

  • Haiti Success Story: Lereste

    by Katie Carroll | May 08, 2014

    We are so excited to share with you how your gifts to our Haiti programs are truly transforming lives.

    Thanks to your donations, Medical Teams International recently was able to hold a mobile medical clinic in La Sucrerie, a rural community near Les Cayes in Haiti.  A mobile medical clinic is a vehicle equipped with WHO-recommended medicines and medical supplies as well as tables and chairs for patient registration and care.  The clinic will set up with tents or use an empty building.  As part of our Haiti Advantage Program, this clinic was held specifically to treat disabilities.

    Forty-eight people came to this particular clinic. As in previous therapy clinics, most people had never consulted or been treated by therapists due to lack of knowledge regarding rehabilitation services or due to lack of access to services.

    Lereste, a 49-year-old man, was among those who visited this clinic. At the age of 25, Lereste, was in a serious car accident and was in a coma for 20 days. Though he was in the hospital, he did not receive proper evaluative care, such as radiographic evaluation. After waking from the coma, he slowly began to move and eventually walk, though he suffered much pain in his back and legs. He had no money for additional medical attention and thought he would always live with the pain and difficulty in walking.  For half of his life, Lereste has suffered daily.

    He arrived at MTI-Advantage Program mobile clinic leaning heavily on the crutches he found necessary to help him walk. His trunk was severely bent forward, and he complained of sharp pain in his leg when walking. The staff evaluated his legs and noted a significant difference in leg length and reduced motion in his back and legs and reduced strength. He showed signs of significant malnutrition. The staff made arrangements for Lereste to come to the clinic for a more thorough evaluation. He was sent to the local hospital for radiographs that showed signs of a previous hip fracture, leg fracture, pelvis displacement, decreased bone density and extreme lower back osteoarthritis. The staff had the information they needed to start a therapy program.

    Lereste at Physical Therapy


    He started specific flexibility and strengthening exercise and was provided with tennis shoes and a custom shoe lift to correct his leg length difference. After receiving regular therapy, his motion and strength improved to the point that crutches are no longer necessary for walking!  His face beams with excitement because he can now walk without severe pain. Though he still walks with a limp, he is able to move about in his community and is so happy to be able to visit he neighbors and go to church. Lereste never misses a therapy appointment and tells everyone what a difference treatment has made in his life.

    Thanks to your generosity, Lereste received simple interventions, which transformed his life. Without you, he would never have know the freedom he experiences today. Thank you for your support of our Haiti programs!

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