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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Disaster Update: Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 11, 2014

    Medical Teams International has been involved in a West African region-wide epidemic of Ebola (hemorrhagic fevor). The outbreak started in a fairly remote area in Guinea, but quickly spread to parts of Liberia. Although most of the cases have been contained within Guinea and Liberia, there have been suspected cases in areas as far as Mali and Sierra Leone. MTI has been monitoring the situation and supporting health workers in Bong County near the epicenter of the epidemic as well as general support for Liberia’s Ministry of Health. “A dangerous situation like this takes a lot of coordination and careful education of the public,” says Country Director, Andrew Hoskins.

    Health workers at Zowinta, one of the clinics in the effected area of Bong County where MTI is providing support.


     MTI’s support has included:

    • Education: Coordinating a training for health workers to have general knowledge of Ebola, how to quickly triage patients to determine who needs urgent attention, what to do with suspected cases, and most importantly how to protect yourself from contracting the disease.
    • Purchasing Supplies:
      • Protective supplies (gloves, masks, etc…)
      • Infection prevention materials (bleach, sanitizers, soap, etc…)
      • Laboratory equipment for sample transport (syringes, sample containers, test tubes, etc…)
    • Communication: Helping with communication of the current situation from the central level (capital city) to the ground level where we are working.
    • Transportation:  Using MTI vehicles and motorcycles to transport rapid response teams and surveillance teams.
    Bloomberg News reports that this is "Africa’s biggest Ebola outbreak in seven years."

    Said Laurent Duvillier, a Unicef spokesman, “risk of international spread should be taken seriously.”

    Please be join us in praying for those impacted by this terrible virus and that its spread will be contained. Pray for protection of MTI staff as they continue their work in Liberia.

    We are so grateful for your support of our programs, which enable us to be ready to react when disasters strike.
  • Update: International Women's Day Award

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 10, 2014

    Last month, Medical Teams International shared the story of Marie Yolaine Occéan, who became the first mother in her locality of Crochu, Haiti to exclusively breastfeed her child for six months. As a result of her commitment to breastfeeding and her child's health, MTI Haiti and the local health committee presented her with an outstanding award on International Women's Day!

    Marie with her Award
    Marie spoke at our celebration, sharing that she she was happy to receive the award and that she encourages mothers to breastfeed their babies.

    MTI programs encouraged her to breastfeed. Some of her community urged her to introduce banana flour so the baby would get used to food. They also suggested she would get too skinny if she breastfed. Once she hit six months, her friends said the baby would certainly not eat food at this point.

    However, Marie stuck with it! She shares that her baby has not become sick during that time. She had noticed that when other mother's gave food early, the children would get sick with diarrhea. Marie has two older children who she did not exclusively breastfeed, and she notes it has also helped with bonding.

    Now MTI is helping Marie learn about introducing food appropriately to continue to have a happy, healthy baby!

    Thank you for your support of our maternal & child health programs in Haiti!  You are truly improving the health and lives of people in need and empowering them!
  • Field Photos: South Sudan Refugee Care

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 09, 2014

    Check out a few recent photos of volunteers Dave and Deb Wukasch at Adjumani caring for South Sudanese refugees.

    Thank you for your generous support of our disaster response programs. Your donations to worldwide disaster relief are the reason Medical Teams International is ready to respond the moment disaster strikes. You are providing care for people escaping conflict around the world.  Thank you!!



  • Field Photos: Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Haiti

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 08, 2014

    Today we are excited to share with you some "behind-the-scenes" photos from a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training in Crochu, Haiti a few weeks ago.

    Medical Teams International's staff holds training every week for such community leaders as TBAs, pastors, and teachers. We are very grateful for our staff, who all live two hours away in Port-au-Prince and spend three weeks out of every month in Crochu.

    Health committees in the community select men and women to be TBAs and attend the training. At this particular training the men were especially engaged, asking many questions. Approximately 15-20 TBAs attended the training.

    At this training, TBAs were learning how to handle and dispose of birthing waste, sanitation methods, as well as how to recognize danger signs in pregnant women to know when to refer them to a clinic. The training involved role playing to help bring scenarios to life.

    MTI Staff Training Traditional Birth Attendants


    A TBA Practices with Tissue Paper and Bleach

    A TBA Practices with a Tub and Tissue Paper

    When you donate to our Crochu programs, you are providing preventative care for local Haitians to build sustainable health programs!  Thank you for providing this training, which is truly saving lives for mothers and children!


  • Lifesaving Medicines Success Story: Alice

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 03, 2014
    Families who fled the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army in the DCR are facing yet another threat. Their children, born in refugee camps, are suffering a rare form of epilepsy called nodding syndrome. Nodding syndrome is a mysterious and so-far unpreventable disease. Affected children nod their heads when they see food or feel cold, leading to seizures that cause injuries, concussions, and severe burns on many who fall into cooking fires. 

    Injured during a seizure, Alice lost a hand – now she’s improving with medication.

    During a seizure three years ago, Alice fell into a fire and severely burned her arms and right hand, which had to be amputated. But today, thanks to you and your gifts, Alice is receiving medication and is beginning to improve.

    A local mother put it this way, “We thank God. The medicines helped my daughter. Before the medicines, she was nodding all the time; saliva was dripping out of her mouth. Now she is back in school.”

    Your gifts supply a constant stream of medicine and essential supplies. Thank you!

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