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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Field Photos: Traditional Birth Attendant Training in Haiti

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 08, 2014

    Today we are excited to share with you some "behind-the-scenes" photos from a Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA) training in Crochu, Haiti a few weeks ago.

    Medical Teams International's staff holds training every week for such community leaders as TBAs, pastors, and teachers. We are very grateful for our staff, who all live two hours away in Port-au-Prince and spend three weeks out of every month in Crochu.

    Health committees in the community select men and women to be TBAs and attend the training. At this particular training the men were especially engaged, asking many questions. Approximately 15-20 TBAs attended the training.

    At this training, TBAs were learning how to handle and dispose of birthing waste, sanitation methods, as well as how to recognize danger signs in pregnant women to know when to refer them to a clinic. The training involved role playing to help bring scenarios to life.

    MTI Staff Training Traditional Birth Attendants


    A TBA Practices with Tissue Paper and Bleach

    A TBA Practices with a Tub and Tissue Paper

    When you donate to our Crochu programs, you are providing preventative care for local Haitians to build sustainable health programs!  Thank you for providing this training, which is truly saving lives for mothers and children!


  • Lifesaving Medicines Success Story: Alice

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 03, 2014
    Families who fled the brutal Lord’s Resistance Army in the DCR are facing yet another threat. Their children, born in refugee camps, are suffering a rare form of epilepsy called nodding syndrome. Nodding syndrome is a mysterious and so-far unpreventable disease. Affected children nod their heads when they see food or feel cold, leading to seizures that cause injuries, concussions, and severe burns on many who fall into cooking fires. 

    Injured during a seizure, Alice lost a hand – now she’s improving with medication.

    During a seizure three years ago, Alice fell into a fire and severely burned her arms and right hand, which had to be amputated. But today, thanks to you and your gifts, Alice is receiving medication and is beginning to improve.

    A local mother put it this way, “We thank God. The medicines helped my daughter. Before the medicines, she was nodding all the time; saliva was dripping out of her mouth. Now she is back in school.”

    Your gifts supply a constant stream of medicine and essential supplies. Thank you!

  • Cambodia Success Story: EMS & Medical Supplies

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 02, 2014

    In the aftermath of a traffic accident, first aid can mean the difference between life and death. But in poorer countries, many frontline services lack basic medicines and supplies.

    Mr. Vorng Sokveng is an ambulance staff member at Chamkar Leu hospital in Cambodia and had participated in the EMT-Basic Training that MTI conducted.  Sokveng was very glad for your support when police called his ambulance to the scene of a double motorcycle crash. Sokveng relied on both emergency training and medical equipment provided by gifts like yours. 

    Sokveng drove the ambulance with his assistant and arrived quickly to the scene. There, he assessed that one patient had severe facial injuries and the other had a minor injury. Working efficiently, Sokveng helped stabilize the spine of the severely injured patient, fitting a cervical collar and helping him onto a backboard - both supplied by your donations to MTI!  Vorng was also grateful for the gloves that he received from MTI, so that he can perform his work with little fear of being infected.  

    Training provided through gifts like yours helped Vorng not only offer expert treatment, but carefully contain the gathering crowd, clearing the space he needed to provide urgent care. 

    Emergency Medical Services Training in Cambodia

    Thank you for your support of both our EMS program and our medical supplies program. Your gifts are truly making a difference - every $1 provides an astounding $83 worth of medical supplies that can save lives!
  • Haiti Success Story: Jolette

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 01, 2014

    A note from Les Cayes, Haiti...

    Jolette, a 13 year old intelligent young girl, entered our clinic with her mother and a “Good Samaritan” who noticed them having difficulty getting a ride on a motorcycle taxi because Jolette was “not normal.” She needed surgery on her severely bowed legs when she was younger, but her family could not afford it. Jolette had performed well in school, making excellent grades and entertaining her classmates with her beaming personality. However, this past year, her mother could no longer afford to buy a uniform or pay school fees, so Jolette stayed at home while the mother tried to find work cleaning and selling items on the street. MTI's Advantage Program was able to arrange for surgery on Jolette’s legs and she is now receiving post-surgery care from the clinical staff. She is now walking with a walker and entered school again this past fall.



    We are grateful to Good Samaritans such as this man and YOU who have assisted the Medical Teams International Haiti Advantage Program to share the love of God!  Thank you for your generous support of our programs in Haiti.

    Story and photo by Dr. June Hanks.
  • Generous Girl Donates a Stove to a Guatemalan Family

    by Katie Carroll | Mar 29, 2014

    Yesterday, our Tigard REAL. LIFE. Exhibit received a visit from a very generous local girl!

    After visiting the exhibit with her nursing school class this winter, Oregon resident Stephanie Hartwig brought home several flyers about MTI's work to share with her family.  Her 7-year-old daughter Kylah was very interested in the material and decided she wanted to raise money for a ventilated stove to help a family in Guatemala.  For Christmas, Kylah requested that her family and friends donate a portion of what they would have spent on her presents to her stove fund.

    Kylah ended up raising $150 - even more than the $130 it costs to build a stove - and came in with her parents to personally donate!

    Kylah with her stove fund jar. 

    Fuel-efficient, ventilated stoves help reduce respiratory illness and improve the health and lives Guatemalan families.

    This traditional stove fills a home with smoke, making it difficult for children to breathe.


    A Guatemalan family with a new ventilated stove built by MTI volunteers.

    Thank you to Kylah and all of our donors who time and again generously demonstrate the love of Christ to all people in need!  

    Visit our REAL. LIFE. Exhibit to experience firsthand what it's like to live in a Guatemalan community where children die easily from preventable diseases.

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