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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Liberia Success Story: Viola & Emmanuel

    by Katie Carroll | Jul 22, 2014

    Today we are so pleased to share with you a story of how your donations saved a baby boy's life. Thank you for your incredible generosity!

    When 36-year old Viola living in Nitreen, the Traditional Trained Midwive (TTM) in Sinoe County, Liberia knew what to do. Thanks to you, she was trained by MTI to identify danger signs in pregnancy as part of our Safe Motherhood project. She saw that Viola was in trouble, and referred her to a local health facility. After eight hours of labor - and no progress - Viola's nurse transported her to a local hospital. There, she gave birth to her son Emmanuel. Thanks to you, both mother and child are doing well and able to go home!

    Viola & Emmanuel

    If Viola had not been referred to the health facility by the midwife that you trained - Viola and her son would almost certainly have died.


    You are saving lives! Thank you!

  • South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda: Meet Susan

    by Katie Carroll | Jul 15, 2014

    Susan with one of the children at her refugee settlement.

    Thank you for your incredible generosity to the people of South Sudan. Our teams continue to provide medical care for South Sudanese refugees arriving in Uganda. Susan is one of the people you are helping.

    Susan is twenty-three years old. A little over a month ago, the fighting in her hometown of Boro, South Sudan got to be unbearable. She and her friends had no choice but to flee the violence and leave their lives behind. On the run for five days, they were picked up by a UNHCR vehicle and taken first to a transit center in Juba and then to Adjumani, where they are now. Both of her parents have died, and she is staying with her friends at the refugee camp. There are fifteen people living in the house.

    UNHCR has given them one month's supply of food, but they are still living without many basic necessities. She owns almost nothing and sleeps in awful conditions. Susan is helping to care for children in her house. They would go to school, but at 4km away, it's too far to walk.

    Says Susan, "One day, God knows, we will be fine." Thank you for helping demonstrate the love of Christ to Susan and people like her who are in desperate need. You are impacting more people than you could ever know. Thank you!

    Learn more about our disaster response programs.

  • PHOTOS: MTI Teams on the Ground, Fighting Ebola Epidemic

    by Katie Carroll | Jul 09, 2014

    We have just received some photos from our Ebola response teams, battling the spread of this deadly virus in Liberia. Thank you for your donations to our disaster relief programs. We could not provide care without you.

    MTI volunteers distribute supplies brought by bag (such as gloves, personal protective equipment, and lab supplies) to Grand Cape Mount County health department.


    ebola-response-coordination-MTI George Kaine, MTI response coordinator, speaks to MTI staff & volunteers and the Grand Cape Mount County Health Department at a meeting to coordinate community-based Ebola response.


    MTI Volunteer Alan Jamison gives Ebola prevention and awareness training to MTI staff and interested community members.


    A visit to a possible isolation unit in Grand Cape Mount County identified by Health Department and community. MTI will help in the plans and set up of the isolation unit to be used to care for confirmed and suspected cases. 
  • South Sudanese Refugee Relief: Meet David

    by Katie Carroll | Jul 09, 2014

    David at the MTI Clinic

    Twenty-five-year-old David is a typical young man. He has four brothers and six sisters, many of whom are currently attending university in Kenya. David recently returned home to Boro in South Sudan after going to school in Kenya himself. He was attending university and was applying for jobs.

    For now, David's bright future is on hold. Boro was being rocked by continuous fighting. He and his mother fled the gunshots and arrived at the transit center in Adjumani, where he had been for a week after the UN picked he and his family up at the border.

    For David, the refugee camp is a relief. He feels safe, and tells us he likes being at the camp "because there are no guns." Despite the refuge from the fighting, he and his family are in for a struggle. They likely won't get a plot of land for several weeks and are living under a tree. The rainy season is coming, which is difficult in Uganda even for those who are not refugees. With rain comes malaria, which will hit David's family hard since they don't have a home, beds, or bed nets. Travel is also difficult with rain making bad dirt roads even worse.

    Unlike most people at the camp, David speaks English very well. He came to the MTI clinic on this day for a rash on his face, but he ended up translating for MTI volunteers - a huge help!

    Says David, "UNHCR and MTI have received [my family] in a nice way in the camp." He wanted our teams to tell you thank you for helping his family.

    Life for refugees is terrifying and uncertain. Your gifts are providing tremendous amounts of help to people who have lost everything. Thank you for supporting our disaster relief programs.

  • Field Photo: Ebola Briefing at Liberia Ministry of Health

    by Katie Carroll | Jul 08, 2014
    Another quick snapshot from the field: MTI Liberia Country Director Andrew Hoskins and MTI Ebola Response Coordinator George Kaine attend the daily Ebola briefings at the Liberia Ministry of Health (MoH). These meetings are critical to coordinate efforts of all partners to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the latest information about the Ebola virus outbreak. Medical Teams International relies on these meetings to monitor the security situation of our staff and volunteers.


    Andrew Hoskins & George Kaine (in 4th row)


    Thank you for your support of our disaster response programs. Donate to our Ebola response today.

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