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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Field Report: Prenatal Consultations in Crochu, Haiti

    by Katie Carroll | May 01, 2014

    In Crochu, Haiti, it is very challenging for pregnant women to go to prenatal consultations. They need to walk for several hours in the mountains to reach the main road where they can hire a motorcycle to go to the hospitals in Mirebalais (14.5 miles) or Saut d’Eau (7.5 miles), or to Marie Madeleine hospital (13.5 miles).

    Since February 2014, MTI is sensitizing the community about the importance of prenatal consultations. During the month of April, MTI coordinated with the Ministry of Health and a hospital of the district of Croix-des-Bouquets to offer prenatal consultations in Crochu.

    The first prenatal clinic was held on Wednesday 23rd of April in the little building offered by the community. The pregnant women seen in prenatal clinic were screened for HIV and Syphilis; they received immunizations shots against Tetanus and prenatal vitamins with two essential micronutrients: iron and folic acid. The nurse who saw them also discussed with them their babies’ birth plans.

    Thank you for your support of our Haiti programs, which makes these clinics possible.

    Pregnant Women Waiting for Prenatal Consultation

    Pregnant Woman During Her Prenatal Consultation

    Pregnant Woman Receives Her Immunization Shots

    Pregnant Women after Prenatal Consultation on the Way Home with Prenatal Vitamins and Essential Micronutrients

  • Field Highlight: Theresa in Liberia

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 30, 2014

    Theresa was trained by MTI to help each pregnant woman in her village put together a Birth Preparedness Kit. The idea behind the kit is to have clean clothes, extra money and a few supplies like soap and cloth packed up to be ready for when the baby comes. Theresa recently brought a woman from her village of Darbah to the clinic. This was the woman’s first baby, but because Theresa had encouraged her to be ready, she had her Birth Preparedness Kit. When the clinic referred the woman to the nearest hospital, she had the money ready to pay for the hour bus ride to Greenville. Theresa went with the woman and stayed for four days while she recovered from the complicated pregnancy. Together they traveled back to Darbah with the healthy, newborn baby boy!

    Your donations make this possible.  In Liberia, there are fewer than 200 doctors for the entire country, who's population in 2012 was 4.2 million.  Your generosity provides medical care to a country that is in desperate need.  THANK YOU!

  • Disaster Update: Mobilizing Supplies for Victims of Deadly Tornadoes

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 28, 2014

    Medical Teams International is coordinating with the Mosaic Church in Little Rock, Arkansas to assist in disaster response for the deadly tornadoes that killed at least 16 on April 27th.  Mosaic Church has requested health and hygiene kits for those impacted by this devastating disaster.  We are currently mobilizing supplies for victims of the tornadoes and preparing to send as many as 500 kits.

    “These kits will assist the community as they try to recover from the impact of these devastating tornadoes,” says Joe DiCarlo, MTI’s Vice President of Programs. “We continue to pray for families that have lost their homes and loved ones and all involved in the rescue efforts on the ground.”

     While Medical Teams International is not accepting cash donations for this relief effort, if you are interested in donating supplies, we are accepting hygiene kits.

    Please join us in praying for those affected by the tornadoes.  Thank you for supporting our disaster response program, which allows us to be ready to respond quickly and effectively when a disaster strikes.  

  • Field Highlight: Comfort in Liberia

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 27, 2014

    Comfort is the name of a midwife for the village of Blueberry Mission near Panama clinic in Sinoe. She was trained by Medical Teams International to recognize danger signs during pregnancy and to encourage women to deliver in the nearest clinic.  This February, nurses all over Liberia went on strike because of salary issues. In Liberia they call this a “go slow”. The midwives, on the other hand, are volunteers, so they were not involved in the “go slow”. During the strike, Comfort noticed a pregnant woman with some of the danger signs she had been trained by MTI to look for. She brought the pregnant woman to the clinic in Panama using a wheel barrow for transport because they lived far from the main road. When they arrived they found the clinic closed. Comfort went to the home of the nurse. In spite of the strike, she begged the nurse to come and help this woman from her village. The nurse finally agreed. In the end, Comfort was true to her name, comforting the new mother after she delivered a healthy baby girl.

    MTI’s Sinoe County Liberia Safe Motherhood Project started in 2013. The focus of the project is to work with traditional midwifes in each village. The project focuses on pregnant women and children under five years old.

    Thank you for supporting our Africa programs!  Your donations are saving lives of mothers and babies all over the world!

  • Success Story: Elderson

    by Katie Carroll | Apr 25, 2014

    Meet Elderson!  He is 28th months old.  Last week, for the first time in his life, he received immunization shots at a rally post in Démier in Crochu, Haiti. The rally post was coordinated by MTI with support of the mother clubs and the volunteer health committees.  Actually, the rally post was coordinated by YOU since MTI cannot provide immunizations for these little ones without your generous donations.  God bless you and thank you for your generosity and compassion.  

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