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Medical Teams International | Official Blog

Get the latest updates from our programs in the field internationally and here in the United States.  

  • Mobile Dental Success Story: Ahmed

    by Katie Carroll | Feb 21, 2014

    A note of gratitude to you...

    After successful treatment in one of our Mobile Dental Vans, Ahmed wrote a handwritten letter of thanks to you for the treatment he received.  


     The Land of Freedom Relief, Opportunity Kindness, Dream Hope

    I wish I could find a word better than "Thank You" to really help sum up and show how loved, appreciated, and cared for I feel with Medical Teams International!  I have never known of any medical team, or service to offer me their full attention- on the hour and off, 24/7.  Medical Teams treated me with royalty.  I wish to have an opportunity to pay you back, but I know that no matter what I do, it would never measure up to a percentage of what you have done for me!  I feel so blessed and so loved to have the honor of knowing Medical Teams.  

    Made with love.
    - Ahmed

    May God bless you and your family, the way you have blessed mine. Thank you.


  • Mobile Dental Success Story: Terry

    by Katie Carroll | Feb 21, 2014

    We are excited to share with you how your gifts are providing urgent dental care to a hardworking community member in urgent need.


    This week, our Mobile Dental Van partnered with Outside In – an organization established to help homeless youth and other marginalized people move toward improved health and self-sufficiency. The second patient of the day was 48-year-old Terry. While Terry is blessed with employment he, like many, has lived much of his adult life without medical and dental insurance. Terry was a clear reminder of how difficult it is to get help without insurance. In fact, Terry hadn't visited a dentist in over 20 years, creating significant problems with his oral health. Terry came to the Clinic seeking respite from an incredibly painful, oozing abscess along his molars. With open arms, our volunteer dentist treated Terry for the first time in over two decades!

    Said Terry: “This is top of the line care!”

    Thank you for helping relieve Terry from excruciating pain!
  • Field Photo: Guatemala Community Health

    by Katie Carroll | Feb 19, 2014

    Our colleague Angelica is training Madres Consejeras in Jumuc community in Chicaman as part of our Community Health Program in Guatemala. With a participative methodology they are learning about new born risk signs.

    Thank you for your generous support of our Latin America programs. You make this life-saving training possible!

  • Mobile Dental Success Story: Dan

    by Katie Carroll | Feb 18, 2014

    For five years, Dan, who is involved in the local community helping alcoholics & drug abusers, has had one wish – “I want to be comfortable smiling in pictures again."

    After a basketball accident that cracked his front tooth, Dan had been struggling daily with low self-esteem and severe pain every time he drank cold water and ate certain foods. The pain often woke him up at night.

    During a mobile dental clinic, a volunteer dentist filled the crack and relieved the pain - and Dan's hopes came true.

    Thank you, donors & volunteers, for giving Dan his smile & self-confidence! You can help your low-income neighbors by donating to our Mobile Dental Program.

  • Mobile Dental Success Story: Alex

    by Katie Carroll | Feb 15, 2014
    Since childhood, Alex suffered with molar pain caused by a dental care mistake in his home country of Russia. For decades he has suffered - unable to even sleep at night because of the pain. Volunteering at a local food pantry, he heard how MTI's dental vans could help uninsured patients. After visiting a clinic, he now lives pain-free.

    We are so grateful for our donors and volunteers - you are changing lives!


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