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Haiti Success Story: Baby Webster

by Katie Carroll | Feb 26, 2014

During a home visit in the community of Dubédou, assistant program manager Miss Vilia and community volunteer supervisor M. Pasteur Lahence Dieucilien came across a startling but far too common sight. Three-year-old Webster was showing signs of severe malnutrition.

The place where the family lived had noxious odors caused by a houangan (witch doctor) practicing in the home. Miss Vilia and Pasteur Lahence advised Webster’s mother and father to take him straight to the Haiti Foundation of Hope clinic in nearby Terre Blanche.

After arriving at the Clinic, Webster was immediately placed in the Medika Mamba-Ready to Use Therapeutic Food program. After 10 days of therapeutic support the child was brought from near death to good health. Haiti Foundation of Hope will continue to monitor the health and development of Webster to ensure that he does not return to his previous nutritional state. The family will attend trainings on hygiene and will how to use locally available crops to properly nourish Webster.


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