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Medical Teams International Sends Medicines Valued at $842,000 to Libyans

by Marlene Minor | Dec 05, 2013

(PORTLAND, Ore., Mar. 2, 2011) – Medical Teams International continues to rush medicines and supplies to help those hurt in the violence that is escalating inside Libya. The Portland-based agency has sent $842,000 in medical supplies to save lives of those caught in the cross-fire of ongoing violence.

The International Red Cross and the Tunisian Red Crescent asked for Medical Team International’s help to send a second Interagency Emergency Health Kit (IEHK) from Holland today.

“We’re very pleased to work with people from the Muslim and Christian communities in the U.S. to help those who are suffering in Libya,” said Bas Vanderzalm, President of Medical Teams International. “We’re praying for the people of Libya and trust that God will use the medicines we have sent to bring healing and hope to many in the days ahead.”

This second shipment from Medical Teams International is scheduled to arrive from Holland to Tunisia on Saturday, March 5. Vanderzalm added that the organization has made contacts with representatives from Tunisian Red Crescent who will take the medicines and supplies from Tunisia to those who need help most just south of Libyan’s western border.

Dr. Omar Reda, who works at Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Ore., and six surgeons (three from Los Angeles and three from London) arrived in Benghazi with the other medical kit yesterday. The medical supplies, valued at $421,000, were sent to Egypt and transported overland to eastern Libya this week. These medicines will be used in two hospitals in Benghazi to treat another 10,000 people for three months.

It costs $12,700 to purchase and ship each medical kit. Please help pay for the shipping costs of the supplies, donate immediately at Or you may call 800.959.HEAL (4325) or by mail at P.O. Box 10, Portland, OR 97207.