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Medical Teams International’s Real. Life. Exhibit Welcomes Its 50,000th Visitor

by Megan Streng | Dec 05, 2013

(PORTLAND, Ore. March 11, 2011)—The REAL. LIFE Exhibit, a multi-sensory exhibit at Medical Teams International will host its 50,000th guest at an Open House on Sunday, March 13.

Gracie Altree, a Junior at Beaverton High School, will be the 50,000th person to experience the REAL. LIFE. Exhibit since its opening on Sept. 11, 2006.

Grace is no stranger to Medical Teams International. When she first visited the exhibit in 2007, she was moved by what she saw. Since then Grace and her brother, Preston, have made it their personal mission to raise money and awareness for malaria. Since 2008, their efforts have raised more than $7,500 in donations to Medical Teams International to save the lives of malaria victims around the world.

The two teens have established their own campaign, Kids Fight Malaria. They also created a Web site and gathered others to join their cause.

“Kids often feel powerless in changing the world,” said Grace, “but ‘Kids Fight Malaria’ is something everyone can help with. Five dollars is all it takes . So little money can do so much to save a life . It means something when you know you’ve made a difference.”

“We are thrilled to have Grace as our 50,000th visitor. She is an extraordinary example of how the REAL. LIFE. Exhibit impacts people and encourages them to make a change. Through her efforts, other students will realize how easy it is for them to make a difference in the lives of people affected by disaster, conflict or poverty,” said Karrie Hamilton, Manager of REAL. LIFE. Exhibit at Medical Teams International.

This public is welcome to this weekend’s Open House from 1-4 p.m.

This year, the REAL. LIFE. Exhibit opened a new vignette featuring a scene from the earthquake in Haiti. It allows guest to “step into” what life was like for Haitians just weeks after the devastating Jan. 12th earthquake. Other vignettes in the REAL. LIFE. Exhibit allows visitors to experience:
◦A medical triage clinic at the New Orleans Convention Center after Hurricane Katrina.
◦A room with a 25-foot tsunami wave, along with drawings by children who survived.
◦A Ugandan camp for people displaced by brutal rebel fighting.
◦An African village where HIV and AIDS has ravaged the community.
◦A Mexico garbage dump, where people live and scavenge for their livelihood.
◦A Romanian placement center for orphans and abandoned children.
◦A burn unit in a Moldovan children’s hospital.

For more information, visit The exhibit is located at 14150 SW Milton Ct, Tigard, OR 97224